Wrap and Craft in Style!

Tired of knotted up ribbons, crunched bows, and ripped wrapping paper?
Has the scrapbooking craze got you tied in knots?

The solution is here — Saint Louis Closet Co. organized and custom-made wrapping paper centers with trays and slanted shelves for rolls of paper and baskets for ribbons; scrapbooking workrooms with drawers, shelves and surfaces big enough to cut and paste, file drawers and baskets to organize even the messiest of craft items all in custom designed storage systems that are built for your needs.

Every family wraps presents…from kid’s birthday party gifts to those thousands of holiday gifts each year, the need for storage space designed specifically for wrapping paper rolls, bows, spools of ribbons and even scissors and tape has become an issue for most homes.


Traditionally, extra supplies were either pitched due to the inability to store them or they were shoved in a closet somewhere, only later to be determined too squished and torn to use. A specifically designed area to store these type of items is the solution and can make these activities fun.

Similar to the crafting and wrapping needs, scrapbooking storage needs have become the desire for families who wish to save their photos and memories in creative ways using photos, die-cut shapes, stickers, clip art, cloth swatches, doilies, buttons and other creative embellishments. This renewed hobby has sparked an entire industry of supplies — hence the immediate need for storage solutions.

Once you realized there’s a place for everything in your home…then everything will find its place in your Saint Louis Closet Co. wrapping paper center, your craft center and your scrapbooking workroom!

Saint Louis Closet Co. offers free in-home design consultations for all areas of your home, including giftwrap centers, scrapbooking and craft workrooms. Call us at (314) 781-9000 or visit us online at www.stlouisclosetco.com.

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