Why Murphy Beds are Worth Purchasing

Murphy Beds

You’ve seen them in the movies in tiny, cramped apartments. Television shows use them as props for when a person gets trapped inside of one. But have you ever really experienced a Murphy bed for yourself? Here are the top 5 reasons Murphy beds are worth purchasing.

Make Any Room the Guest Room

Deciding which room should be the guest room can be next to impossible. That’s where a Murphy bed can help! Designed as a fully functional bed stored vertically or horizontally inside a customized cabinet system, these beds only have to take up floor space when you need them to.

Safe and Reliable

When you buy a custom Murphy bed from Saint Louis Closet Co., we will custom design, manufacture, install, and anchor your system to any open wall in your home. That includes walls made from drywall, plaster, brick, or concrete. Also, they come with a lifetime warranty as long as you own your home.

Murphy Beds

Useful for All Ages

Murphy beds are perfect for all ages. Think of grandparents who are downsizing and still want a bedroom for guests or grandchildren. Or an apartment owner who wants to maximize every inch of their space. Even children can benefit from one as it creates the space for more toys, games, and activities.

The Mattress is Included

Don’t forget the mattress that comes with our custom Murphy beds! It will be specifically designed to complement your bed. This is because its mechanisms can only withstand a particular thickness and weight. Available in queen- or twin-size, Murphy beds will also only take up 16” of floor space when closed.

Part of Your Home

Once a Murphy bed is installed, it becomes a part of your home. Like the cabinets in your kitchen, the beds are not movable or portable. You can, however, enhance its overall design over time. Add wardrobe units, shelving, or even a home office.

Murphy Beds

The Possibilities are Endless

Through Saint Louis Closet Co., the possibilities for your home are endless. Starting with a Murphy bed, you can take back the space in your home and keep it organized, too! For more information, register for a free consultation, call us at 314-781-9000, or visit our showroom in Maplewood.

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