What Is a Butler’s Pantry?

butler's pantry

The butler’s pantry, a common feature of historic homes, is making a comeback. While regular pantries serve as a storage space, butler’s pantries can also be treated as an extension of the kitchen.

Homebuyers and remodelers alike are placing this on their wish list, and it’s easy to see why. Read on to learn all about the butler’s pantry, from its origins to how it’s being used today!

What Is the Purpose of a Butler’s Pantry?

A butler’s pantry, also known as a scullery or serving pantry, is an open space between the kitchen and dining room that’s used for storage, food prep, or staging. It generally features countertops and cabinets and may include a sink, wine cellar, and tea or coffee-making appliances.

Where Did the Butler’s Pantry Originate?

Butler’s pantries emerged in 19th-century England and America, with its greatest popularity in the latter half of the century. In wealthier homes, they were typically used by butlers to store and polish valuables like fine china, crystal, silverware, and serving platters.

This special pantry also served as a food prep space, and some had iceboxes and warming ovens to keep the food at optimal temperatures. In Europe, some butlers slept in the pantry to prevent theft.

How to Use a Butler’s Pantry Today

Modern-day butler’s pantries are used for a variety of functions. Your pantry could be:

  1. a staging space for food platters and refreshments when entertaining guests,
  2. a food prep station to keep cookware, food trays, and serving platters organized and out of the kitchen,
  3. a storage space to store items out of plain sight, like kitchenware and linens not regularly used,
  4. a coffee bar with a mini-refrigerator to store milk and cream,
  5. or a mini-wine cellar with cabinetry to store glassware and liquor bottles.

Butler’s Pantry Storage Ideas

Think about where it’d be logical to put a butler’s pantry if you don’t already have one in your home. This could be a small closet or wall niche.

Also, take into consideration how much storage space you’ll need and where the storage solutions should go.

Butler’s Pantry Design Ideas

To get you started on designing your butler’s pantry, here are a few tips.

  1. Use the same color scheme as your kitchen. This will create a seamless transition between the two spaces and help make your butler’s pantry appear larger.
  2. Include a pattern or pop of color with a backsplash and countertop.
  3. Incorporate open shelving to easily access serving pieces or display décor such as picture frames or plants.

Are Butler’s Pantries Worth It?

Butler’s pantries are a great solution to improving the look and functionality of your kitchen. You can keep storage overflow in one organized place and make entertaining a breeze.

If you’ve never had one before, it may seem like an indulgence. Yet, it’s one of the most useful features you can add. Plus, it’s easy to convert an existing pantry into more of a butler’s pantry.

Give Your Space an Update

Butler’s pantries still have their place in homes today. Keep kitchen clutter to a minimum and maximize the space in your pantry with a custom design from Saint Louis Closet Co.!

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