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We’re Launching Virtual Design Consultations for Custom Closets and Organizational Systems!

Invite Our Expert Designers Into Your Home For A One-Of-A-Kind Virtual Experience and Free Design Quote.

Free Virtual Design Consultations

What To Expect

Saint Louis Closet Co. is ensuring your well-being by launching virtual consultations.  Just make a call to us 314-781-9000, and you will soon be contacted by one of our outstanding designers who will assist you in designing a 100% adjustable, floor-based custom closet system.  Dream big when it comes to your design!  In a world of cookie-cutter, franchises, and foreign manufacturing, Saint Louis Closet Co. is a locally-owned company that is completely set up to meet all your organizational needs.


How It Works


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Get excited to see your closet come to life through a hand-drawn design



Our Three How-To Manuals

We’re asking you to follow our helpful how-to manuals before your virtual consultation begins.

Accurately Measuring Your Closet Or Storage Area

Become a master of the measuring tape when it comes to your closet or storage area by taking the proper steps to measure the closet’s height, width, depth, and more!

Download Manual

Inventorying Your Valuable Possessions

Inventory like a professional when it comes to your shoes, hanging clothes, and drawer space. It’s time for a fresh start with new storage systems including closets, pantries, laundry rooms, and more!

Download Manual

Imagining The Perfectly Designed Custom Closet

Learn how to catalog all of your belongings and determine a style that’s right for you – all while working within your budget. Need some motivation when it comes to design? This manual also offers several assets including our website, magazine, and more!

Download Manual

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