Top Home Office Organization Tips

Keep your home office organized

Now, more than ever, the home office has become a staple in every functional home. With more people working from home than ever before, we have emphasized how our home office makes us feel. This means we’re focusing on how we style our office; that includes how we organize it. Keeping your home office organized and free of clutter will help you focus on what matters. To prevent unnecessary clutter from building up, put some organizational systems in place. These will ensure you stay productive and feel good about your workspace. Keep reading for the top home office organization tips!

Invest In a Good Desk

When investing in a new desk, you must think about what purpose it will play. If you lack storage space around the rest of your home office, then you need a desk with plenty of spacious drawers. If you have room for built-ins or bookshelves, perhaps you should go with a sleeker profile to help balance the room. No matter what type of desk you pick, make sure it’s functional for you. If you have a monitor or monitors, make sure there’s enough room for them and all your technological accessories. For example, create more space by adding a pull-out keyboard tray. The last thing you want is to feel cramped in a space where you’re supposed to feel comfortable and productive.

Adjustable Shelving, Cubbies, and Cabinets

Take advantage of your vertical space by installing adjustable open shelving, cubbies, or cabinets. There are countless ways to organize with these built-ins. For instance, if you choose to use cubbies, you can use baskets and bins to organize your office supplies. This system is perfect for artisans, as it gives a place for each type of material you can think of. The beauty of these systems is that they’re naturally neat and symmetrical. You can hide unsightly supplies away or show off cool accessories that make the space feel more like a home than a corporate space.

Surround Yourself with Beauty

This tip may sound a little vain, but it’s a great way to help you stay organized. Pick out beautiful items that you want to showcase around your office. Filling up space with these will leave less room for clutter and entice you to keep your home office clean. It doesn’t have to be a large display either. Try putting a small shelving unit in the corner of your home office. Pick out a vase, a few books, or even an award. Think of it as a little treasure trove that’s there to make you feel good and stay organized.

Create A Command Center

Find a space to put your printer, files, calendar, and reminders. This should be a central hub for all your essential information. Creating a command center lowers the risk of losing important documents, forgetting crucial dates, and becoming disorganized. Simply place a small table along a wall or in the corner of your room to create the base of operations. You can then add bins, baskets, or file drawers underneath the table for more storage and add cabinetry above to hide things like printer supplies or even the printer itself! By placing your printer at the command center, you open up valuable workspace on your desk.

Multipurpose Furniture

When we said people were investing in their home office space, we didn’t just mean a new desk and shelving. People are also investing in lounge furniture! Think about it. You need a space to collect yourself and relax between phone calls and zoom meetings. What’s best for doing that than a comfy couch or some eye-catching accent chairs? But you can’t just throw in some extra seating without space to spread out. Try using a multilevel coffee table to store more books or a magazine rack that doubles as a side table for that mug of tea. You can even install a wall unit that hides a murphy bed, so you can turn your home office into a guest room when need be.

Do You Need Help Organizing Your Home Office?

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