The Murphy Bed is Back

Today’s Murphy Beds are Sleek and Functional

The Murphy bed: it brings to mind bachelor pads and stale comedy routines, doesn’t it? Well, surprisingly, this “old school space saver” is back in style!



If you’re not familiar with the Murphy bed, it’s simply a bed that folds down from the wall when you’re ready to sleep on it, and conveniently folds back up again when not in use. The cabinets are made of laminate that matches the wall, cabinets, or shelving in your home. Murphy beds come in both Queen and Twin sizes and include the mattress, providing a little more comfort in a little less space.

Saint Louis Closet Co. has seen a jump in wall bed sales, as have other custom designers. Take a look at the newer models, and it’s easy to see why. Today’s Murphy beds are an attractive, space-saving option for many of our clients. Skeptical? We’ll prove it.  

Murphy Beds Originally Solved a Space Problem – and a Social Problem

It seems that men will do anything for love.

According to historians at the Smithsonian, the Murphy Bed was invented by a man who wanted to court an attractive opera singer. William Lawrence Murphy lived in a one-room San Francisco apartment. In his time, the late 1880s, it would not have been acceptable for Murphy to invite a woman into what was essentially his bedroom. So he decided to turn his one-room place into a parlor. Eureka! The idea for the Murphy bed was born. This invention allowed Murphy to host his intended, and the ruse worked; the charming young lady became his wife in 1900. William Murphy patented his invention in 1911.

The Murphy bed gained popularity by the 1920s, meeting a need for people moving into brownstones and row houses. They were so ubiquitous, in fact, that they became a staple of popular culture. Charlie Chaplin wrestled with one in a famous movie clip, and sitcoms featured the springy, slightly embarrassing piece of furniture. Throughout the twentieth century, they became associated with cramped urban apartments or the bachelor life.

Now, they’re being reimagined for the way we live today.

Murphy Beds Maximize Space and Add Vintage Style

While Murphy beds originated in an urban setting, their influence is beginning to spread. That’s because they just make sense, for both Millennials moving into a downtown apartment and Baby Boomers downsizing to a charming bungalow.

Here are just a few reasons Murphy beds are making a comeback:

(1) It Gives You More Space!

What’s better than providing a comfortable bedroom for guests? Being able to use that same room as a home office! Designers say that even a few inches of space-saving  can make a huge difference in a floor plan. So, if you’re working with a 600 sq ft apartment, or if you’re trying to maximize space in a spare room, a hideaway bed provides a nice solution.

Imagine how your traditional guest room can be transformed from a catch-all room to a usable space.

(2) For Comfort, a Bed Beats a Fold-Out Couch

One of the biggest benefits is the honest-to-goodness mattress that comes on every Murphy bed. Let’s face it: pull-out couches are about the most uncomfortable thing in the world to sleep on. Unless you like a bar in your back all night long or creaky springs, sofa beds are out. Murphy beds are in.

(3) The Newest Models Have Style for Days

You may imagine the Murphy bed as a clunky, unwieldy piece of furniture. The truth is that, as times have changed, hideaway beds have, too. Today’s Murphy beds are smooth, sleek, and aesthetically appealing, even to the pickiest home decorator. Clients are beginning to appreciate their flexibility. Today, designers can attach tables or bookshelves to these beds for added functionality. And modern Murphy beds aren’t heavy or difficult to manage. They glide open and shut with ease. Murphy beds can be folded up seamlessly into cabinetry that perfectly complements the room. You’d never guess that a fully-functional bed was hiding behind that wall of bespoke cabinets.

Let the Designers at Saint Louis Closet Co. Show What They Can Build for You

Are you ready to take back your guest room and add a functional, stylish Murphy bed to your home decorating scheme? Murphy beds from Saint Louis Closet Co. are available in Queen or Twin size and fold easily against the wall when they’re not in use. Here are just a couple of the styles we’ve created for customers, whether they’re retirees, new families, or style-conscious singles. The possibilities are endless! Let us know if we can design a hideaway bed for you.

Visit Our Showroom to See These Modern Styles
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