The Classic Murphy Bed

Being an overnight guest is always a little awkward. The lack of privacy in a makeshift bed on the couch often makes for an uncomfortable experience. Enter Saint Louis Closet Co. Murphy beds, also known as wall beds.

Perfect for any sized space, Murphy beds can turn an office into a luxury hotel at just a moment’s notice. Here is how the classic Murphy bed makes pull-out couches accompanied by inevitable back problems a thing of the past.

Create a Guest Space

Having a dedicated guest room for hosting out-of-town quests isn’t always an option. At the same time, you’ll want guests to make themselves at home. A Murphy bed is a cost-effective solution created with comfort in mind. They’re incredibly easy to use, and accessing them is stress-free.

Transform the Room

Why choose between a home gym or a guest room when you can have both? With a bed that folds into the cabinet, you can make the most of the limited floor space.

Once installed, it becomes a part of your home. You can enhance the design over time. Saint Louis Closet Co. offers a fully customizable Murphy bed system that includes wardrobe units, bookshelves, and Home Offices.

With these storage options, you can further transform the room by using it as a craft room, reading nook, or home office.  When you’re ready for guests, simply reveal the secret Murphy bed.

Make Organization Easy

Murphy beds help with the overall organization of a room, allowing you to reduce the clutter under the bed and on top of the mattress. Now you’ll have a place to store extra towels, pillows, and blankets for guests. This organizationally savvy idea is also convenient and easily accessible.

Create a Custom Murphy Bed with Saint Louis Closet Co.

At Saint Louis Closet Co., we’ll create a custom Murphy bed for you, mattress included, with your style in mind. They’re available in twin-size or queen-size and are great for children and adults.

Our expert designers will ensure your new unique and personalized bed fits seamlessly into your home. Contact us today to get started!

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