Sustainability is Top of Mind at Saint Louis Closet Co.

At Saint Louis Closet Co., we believe that an organized life is a less stressful life. That’s why we create organizational systems for closets and other clutter-prone areas. We also believe that when families – and businesses – prepare for the future, they’re more successful. 

Because we try to live what we preach, we don’t just design storage solutions for every room of your home, we also do so in a way that is sustainable. We are energy-conscious in our manufacturing process, and we encourage St. Louis families to be mindful of our shared energy future, too. 

How We Incorporate Green Building Practices into our Business Model

In 2007, Saint Louis Closet Co. was awarded the Maplewood “Key to the City” for the revitalization of our building with Green Building elements. In July of that year, we incorporated a number of green building practices, including the following: 

  • Installed 188 Solar panels on our roof that generate 300kw-hours per day!
  • Recycled and reused all-exterior 120-year-old windows for our building.
  • Selected 100% energy efficient lighting for use in the entire building.
  • Used 162,000 recycled bricks for the exterior of our building.
  • Finally, our dust collectors operate in a way that allows the energy from our manufacturing machines to heat the factory during winter months and reverse to cool the shop during summer months.

We’re proud of the ways we’ve reduced our carbon footprint and made our business more sustainable for the future. We use only laminates that are durable, natural, and renewable, and come from sustainably managed forests that capture carbon, making them among the most responsible building materials available today.

Take a look at our energy-saving efforts: 

How Can You Be Proactive When it Comes to the Environment? 

It’s the hottest month of the year, and we know that changes in our climate will only mean hotter temperatures and less predictable weather in the future. We encourage you to consider ways that you can encourage more sustainability and less waste in your own lives. Here are a few tips: 

  • Educate your kids on how to save energy at home and lead by example! 
  • Keep your thermostat at a reasonable temperature or install a programmable or smart thermostat to save energy. 
  • Use ceiling fans and exhaust fans to cool your home whenever possible.
  • Take brief showers instead of baths. 
  • Replace light bulbs with LED bulbs, which last longer and give off less heat. 
  • Wash clothes in cold water and save up your laundry until you can do full loads instead of partial loads. 
  • Run the washing machine and dishwasher in the evening when it’s cooler to avoid putting extra stress on your air conditioner. 
  • Plant shade trees around the house; in fact, plant more trees in general! 
  • Remind your kids to turn off the lights! 
  • Step away from the screens for awhile. Spending time away from electronics means you’re using less energy and spending more quality time with family. 

How Can Saint Louis Closet Co. Make Your Home a More Peaceful Place? 

Our designers are full of ideas about how to make your home more convenient and less stressful. From rethinking your laundry room or mudroom to giving you a more efficient, less wasteful kitchen, our experts can help you live a better life.

If you’d like to learn more about our sustainability efforts, or how we can make your home more efficient through organization, please reach out to one of our designers. 


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