Stop Procrastinating and Organize Your Storage Closet

We get it. You’re busy, but does your Storage Closet Organization need your attention?

Between switching over to your fall wardrobe, decorating for Halloween, and trying to find the rake before the leaves start falling, your plate is full. 

Can we help? 

We’d like to give you a few timely tips for organizing all that stuff you need to store, including holiday decorations, tools, cleaning supplies, winter coats, that clunky vacuum cleaner, and everything else. 

“Catch-All” is Not an Organization Strategy. Here’s How to Approach a Cluttered Storage Closet. 

Your storage closet can either be a place of possibility or a place of unrelieved clutter. The truth is that without some kind of organization system, storage closets end up being an enormous black hole: they suck in anything you can’t put anywhere else in your house, and they make it impossible to find what you need when you need it. 

If you have a bad habit of stashing things in the storage closet when you don’t know where else to put them, we can help. Below, we give you steps and a few pro tips for clearing out the clutter, making a workable plan for organization, and getting that storage closet from impossible to beautiful. 


St Louis Closet Co utility closet

1. Clean It All Out 

Sometimes you have to get messy to get clean. So, we recommend pulling everything out. You may be surprised at what’s been hiding in there all these years! 

Once everything is out of your storage closet, you can more easily see which items can be discarded. You can also get a better picture of how much space you actually have. 

Note: Set aside plenty of time for this and expect a little “construction” time. There will be piles of things in your home while you sort all this out. And don’t keep stuff just for the sake of keeping it. Tools? Keep. That holiday decoration you received as a gift and don’t really like? Donate. 

2. Decide Which Items Belong in Your Storage Closet, and Which Do Not

Storage needs are different for every family. You may use storage for Halloween decorations, while another family may stock sports equipment. Whatever you do, it’s important to identify which things you need, which things belong somewhere else (like a garage, linen closet, etc.), and which things you can simply get rid of. You’ll also want to identify which items you need at hand most often, and which items can be stored away longer. 

It may help to make a list of things you absolutely need to store that don’t already have a designated space – for instance, a vacuum cleaner or your ski gear. This will keep things from getting cluttered all over again. 

3. Make a List of Categories You Need, and Find a Place for Easily Accessible Items  

This is advice we’ve given before, but it bears repeating: store like things together. Store drills with tools, helmets with knee pads, and so on. Next, think about the best way to store items. Would a labeled bin make sense for those winter clothes? Could you install hanging racks for some items? Get creative! You may be surprised at how much space you can make use of. 

We recommend customizing a shelving system and labeling any containers you need for storage. 

A Few More Pro-Tips for Procrastinators and the Organizationally-Challenged

Pro Tip #1: Make use of wall hooks for things like brooms and mops. Consider other accessories, like wardrobe rails or chrome baskets, for additional storage needs. 

broom mop hooks

chrome baskets

Pro Tip #2: Try to keep items off the floor. Store things like suitcases on upper shelves so they don’t take up precious floor space. 

Pro Tip #3: Use a combination of shelving and built-in rods to create different sections. Taking advantage of existing storage systems can help you keep items in their designated area. If you aren’t happy with your existing closet, our designers can help you customize it to fit your needs!  

Pro Tip #4: If you’re storing cleaning products, store them in a portable bin! That way, you can carry them to whichever room you need to clean. Plus, you’ll have an easier

time keeping all of these products together, and knowing when you’re getting low and need to buy more. 

Pro Tip #5: As you organize, think about aesthetics, too. We find that if we’re focused on making something beautiful, the chore of organizing becomes something we actually enjoy! So, paint shelving a bright white, find pretty baskets or storage boxes to label, improve the lighting, or paint or wallpaper the interior walls! You’ll be surprised at what a difference a little style can make. 

Pro Tip #6: Once you’ve created a system, stick with it. Don’t put things where they don’t belong. Take the time to put things in their proper place and teach your kids to do the same. 

Contact Saint Louis Closet Co. for a Custom Designed Organizational System 

We know how easy it is to kick shoes into the nearest closet, dump mail on the nearest surface, and let your spare room become the place for everything from winter jackets to holiday decor. Unfortunately, these habits don’t make for an organized home. 

Believe us when we say that you don’t have to be a victim of disorganization. 

Our designers are happy to give you a free, in-home consultation. It’s easy to schedule, and it only takes a few minutes out of your day. Would you like to learn more? Give us a call or register for a consultation online.


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