St. Louis Closet Co. goes SOLAR!

Saint Louis Closet Co. adds to their green building and practices by going SOLAR!!  With the installation of 200 Solar Panels on the roof of the St. Louis Closet Co. world headquarters at 2626 S. Big Bend in St. Louis, Mo. we expect to save enough energy to produce over 300 closets per year in the manufacturing plant.

Save the planet, save on your utilities, do the right thing…GO SOLAR, here’s 10 reasons why Saint Louis Closet Co. went SOLAR;


As the world’s second largest consumer of electricity, the United States has a huge appetite for energy.  The U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts that the demand for electricity will steadily increase throughout the next 30 years.  With rising restrictions in the power generation industry and a need to update the grid to distributed generation structuring, solar power is fast becoming a popular alternative to the more conventional energy sources.  Both the intrinsic and financial incentives for making a switch are compelling reasons for homeowners to take a closer look at Solar Energy.

1. Solar systems save money by reducing the need for buying electricity.

2. Solar powered homes and businesses can make money by selling excess electricity to the power company and.

3. Almost all of the states offer rebates, grants, and reductions in sales tax. Federal income tax credits of up to 30 percent are also a benefit. In addition, many utility companies offer specialized loans and performance based incentives.

4. The National Bureau of Economic Research states that home and business resale value increases 3.5 percent when equipped with solar technology.

5. This type of energy is clean, renewable, and environmentally friendly. There are no hazardous emissions or by-products.

6. Technological growth has led to systems that are affordable and reliable. Modern systems convert DC power into AC power, so it is used in the home or business just like traditional electricity.

7. A solar system requires very little maintenance, only needing cleaned when dust or dirt has accumulated. Plus, they have a lifespan well over 25 years!

8. Solar energy offers a predictable, distributed stream of supply. This lowers the chances of brownouts and blackouts.  The California Energy Crisis of 2000 and 2001 is an example of how tenuous the reliance on electrical power can be.

9. With each installation, national reliance on foreign energy sources is reduced.  This helps keep our country safe and out of volatile countries run by dictators.

10. The solar industry is a fast growing field, meaning jobs are being added daily.  One residential installation directly employs at least 5 people, and that’s not counting those employed in the industry’s the manufacturing and corporate sector!

As the most widely available energy source on the planet, the sun provides a limitless opportunity to power our lives. In fact, it is speculated that covering the Gobi desert with solar panels would create enough electricity to supply the entire world. And, it offers a better average return on investment than the stock market, making it a smart choice.





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