St. Louis Closet Co. Get Organized This Summer!

Summer is the perfect time to get organized!  All those hot, lazy days when you head inside to escape the St. Louis humidity….start getting organized.  You don’t have to take on a big project, start small.  One organized drawer will set you on the path of organizational success!!

Take the catch all drawer in the kitchen or Home Office where everything gets dumped.  Take everything out and clean the inside of the drawer with a clean damp cloth.  Then you may want to add a drawer liner out of felt, wallpaper or decorative paper to brighten up the bottom of the drawer.  Then you’re ready to begin.


Sort items into several ‘like’ piles, make sure to throw away all trash, broken items or things you no longer use.  Then start deciding if you want drawer dividers, individual containers, or even small bowls and tupperware work great for organization.  Invest in a labeler, readily available at any office supply store, and label the bottom of the drawer or container with what goes in that space…this will help everyone in the family get the right things in the right places.

Stand back, admire, pat yourself on the back and enjoy how good it feels to have that one drawer organized.  Now you’re ready to tackle your closet.  Give Saint Louis Closet Co. a call at 314-781-9000 to schedule a free in-home closet consultation.  Take advantage of our Get Organized Special of 10% off your custom closet order.  Call for more details.

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