St. Louis Closet Co. Fall Special

Fall is the perfect time to get organized and St. Louis Closet Co.’s Fall Special is just in time to help you with your projects.  From Master Walk-in Closets to Pantries and Murphy Beds, Saint Louis Closet Co. can create More Space in your home.


Along with the new season and new school year, it is once again time to reorganize the spaces in your home to coincide with the incoming season. If you have a Saint Louis Closet Co. system, this would be the time when you would re-adjust your shelves to be able to comfortably store your children’s growing clothing and shoe inventory.

With summer coming to a close, shoes are one thing that are going to require more space this season, for example switching out your kids’ flip flops for their sneakers and eventually snow boots. Our 100% adjustable systems give you more room for doing just that. Just add, remove or adjust a shelf to make room for fall’s bulkier items, such as jackets, sweaters and jeans.

I cannot count the number of times that I have told my kids to stop throwing their backpacks and jackets on the closest piece of furniture the second they walk in the house after school or soccer practice. The solution we have found at our home is lockers and cubbies for our mudroom, so that every time my kids walk in the door, the closest piece of furniture is a cubby and hook especially designed for their belongings. This also works wonders for sports equipment and sports bags.

Teachers can even find some organization for their classrooms this school year. Getting all the pencils, markers, glue, blank paper, books, construction paper, scissors and miscellaneous supplies organized will make the school year go just that much smoother.

Saint Louis Closet Co. design every type of system to meet everyone’s organizational needs, and that includes classroom supply closets, mail centers, storage rooms, lockers and even kid’s home desks.

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