Back to School Tips

5 Helpful Back-to-School Tips

Fabric Boards

Tip #1
Get a routine the first few weeks of school, and make a place for your kids and their stuff. A place for backpacks, shoes, coats and sports equipment. Once this routine and system is established, stick to it…it will save you and your kids hours looking for things.


Tip #2
Establish a storage area in your home for extra school supplies. Stock up at the beginning of the year so your kids can always replenish their backpacks and lockers without last minute trips to the store.


Tip #3
Make a family bulletin board for calendars, sports schedules and invitations. Keep everything in this one place so everyone knows what everyone else in the family is doing.


Tip #4
Purge your kids closets and drawers of all clothing they don’t wear or doesn’t fit. Try on everything and make a list of necessities. Head to the stores armed with a list needs and sizes…this will prevent unnecessary purchases.


Tip #5
Make sure you have a special homework area set up so your kids ‘have their place.’ This desk area or kitchen table should have good lighting, comfortable seating, access to a computer and wifi, if needed, and be quiet and away from distractions.


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