Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas

small laundry room organization ideas

The days of the washer and dryer being located only in the basement are long gone. Laundry rooms can be in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and even a standard 6-foot-wide reach-in closet.

While a tight space can pose challenges, the right storage and organizing strategies give plenty of space for all the essentials. Make the most of your small laundry room with these expert organization ideas from Saint Louis Closet Co.!

Install Adjustable Shelves

Shelves can hold a variety of laundry and cleaning supplies. Adjustable shelves along the walls conveniently keep supplies, like detergents, at your eye level and yet away from kids.

Adjustable shelves can store anything you need and be moved up or down for complete flexibility. To make more room for storage, you can simply pull out the shelves, rearrange the support brackets, and then re-insert the shelves.

Our ¾ inch adjustable shelves made thermo-fused laminate (TFL) offer a huge upgrade from wire shelving. Plus, they can be made any width or depth, from 7 to 36 inches.

Use Matching Baskets With Labels

Make use of open shelving with baskets to hold your smaller laundry essentials. For a cohesive look, opt for matching baskets. You’ll also want to ensure everything be found and put back into its correct spot with ease. Adding labels helps remind others where items belong.

Our chrome pull-out baskets come with optional canvas liners and are 14 inches deep, come either 17.9 or 24 inches wide, and are either 6, 11, or 17 inches tall. That way, you can choose the size you need!

Install a Countertop in the Laundry Room

A countertop in the laundry room creates a convenient space for folding clothes. It also provides extra space to put frequently used items, and can serve as a landing spot for laundry baskets.

Our durable and versatile Wilsonart Work Counters, available in dozens of colors, are fully customizable.

fold-out ironing board

Opt for Laundry Room Cabinets, Hooks, and Ironing Boards

If you’d prefer to keep most supplies tucked away, opt for cabinets. These keep laundry day essentials behind closed doors.

Our laminate wood cabinets come furnished in your choice of color. Choose flat doors for a minimalist style or a raised panel option for a chic decorator look.

You can also put our broom and mop hooks inside the cabinets or mounted on a faceplate on the back of a door or on the wall. The heavy-duty chrome hooks are spring-loaded to clamp securely around the handles of your brooms, mops, and sweepers.

What’s more, our fold-out ironing boards are concealed behind a flip-down drawer face when not in use to preserve the tidiness of your laundry room. The ironing boards swivel 180° and come with a removable cloth cover.

Install a Hanging Rod or Drying Rack for Clothes

There are a few garments, such as sweaters and athletic wear, that you likely hang dry. Mounting Drying Rack or adding extra hanging rods makes creating a space for this in your small laundry room easy.

Our chrome pull-down rods allow you to take advantage of the full height of your laundry room. They adjust to fit sections 26 to 36 inches wide and will make a great addition to your dream laundry room.

See the Possibilities

If it’s time to organize your laundry room, talk with one of our designers at Saint Louis Closet Co.! They’ll walk you through all the options that may be perfect for you and your space.

Stop by the Maplewood showroom or register online for your FREE consultation to see the possibilities!

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