Business Tips from St. Louis Small Business Expert Jennifer Q. Williams

Small Talk on KTRS Tune into KTRS 550AM on The McGraw Milhaven Show and to hear owner Jennifer Q. Williams talk Small Business.  Being an award-winning business leader in the St. Louis Business Community for over 24 years, Jennifer will talk Small Business!! Tips on getting your business started, turning an idea into a business, what tools you need to start, run and grown your Small Business.  According to SBA Small Businesses make up 99.7% of all employer firms.

2/5/14 St. Louis Small Business expert, Jennifer Williams talks about the importance of Mentoring in Small Business.  Define Mentor – An experienced or trusted advisor!  Six tips to finding the right mentor:

1.  Determine your needs, remember your needs will change as your business grows.

2.  Take time to network, not only to generate sales, but to meet potential mentors.  This will help you decide who and what you need.  Great places to network include women’s events, chamber events, local speaking engagements, etc.

3.  Listen MORE, talk less!  Given your enthusiasm about your particular business or product, it may be hard to listen and take advise from someone outside your industry.

4.  Be ‘mentor able’ – Be willing to consider other ideas that may not match your opinions.  Look for other opinions and be willing to think outside the box.

5.  Be flexible.  Don’t assume a mentor will have to stick with you for the entire life of your business.  Mentors can come and go based on your needs.  Some mentors may help you with future planning, some may help with advertising, and some may just be there for you to bounce ideas off of.

6.  Thank you mentor!!  They don’t want money, but their time is extremely valuable, so please let them know you appreciate it.

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