A Saint Louis Closet Co. Closet is Always St. Louis Made

We’re proud to say that for the past 30+ years we’ve provided our customers with St. Louis locally made and manufactured custom closets and organizational systems from start to finish. From the moment one of our designers walks through your door and hand sketches a design for your space, to the minute our team completes the installation process of your floor-to-ceiling adjustable closet, it’s all custom made in STL just for you. From Murphy beds to laundry rooms, and home offices to pantries, Saint Louis Closet Co.’s completely customizable, in-house manufacturing process is available for almost any organizational system you can dream of.

The Benefits of Local Manufacturing

By being a local manufacturer, not only do we benefit from more efficient communication, exceptional quality control, and the flexibility it offers, but we are also able to better serve our St. Louis community. Local manufacturers create boosts for the local economy and the people that live there.

Well-supported local businesses, like Saint Louis Closet Co., are also able to give back to their community in bigger ways. We have been lucky enough to continuously give back to the St. Louis community since our inception in 1991. Starting in 2020, we made a larger impact by creating Closets for a Cause, a giveback program that donates a portion of our sales each month to a different local non-profit partner.

Sourcing locally also contributes to green manufacturing by cutting down on transportation and packaging costs. This means no more wasted materials on labels, boxes, and extra labor. Besides, it’s much easier to transport materials across a neighborhood than it is across the world.

Our Manufacturing Process

“The manufacturing plant is one of the most exciting parts of my business,” says Saint Louis Closet Co. founder and owner Jennifer Q. Williams.

There are no pre-made parts or sizes for your closet, as our closets are truly custom and cut to size for your space. So, once we have your closet designs, we get to work in our state-of-the-art, 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility. This facility houses all our custom-designed machines imported from Germany, built specifically for the custom closet industry.

To achieve the adjustability we promise with all of our projects, we design and manufacture everything on the 32mm system. This system allows us to adjust your shelves, rods, and accessories every 1¼” throughout your closet. Every closet is cut to the millimeter to fit your space and needs perfectly.

Our process is so streamlined that on the day of your installation, our manufacturers can cut new or replacement shelves and install them the very same day. Talk about efficiency!

Visit Saint Louis Closet Co. Today

Expect unparalleled quality when working with Saint Louis Closet Co. We have the best designers on hand, ready to implement our high-quality adjustable products. We provide safe, floor-based closet systems built from thermo-fused laminated (TFL) shelving, available in various colors, that are attached and secured to your walls for safety with brackets. These give you the ability to adjust, add, or subtract from your closet system at any time.

Stop by today to learn more about our process and why it’s so important for us to locally design and manufacture your closets. We are committed to our work just as we are to our community. So, what do you say? Register for a free consultation or give us a call at (314)781-9000.

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