Saint Louis Closet Co. Laundry Rooms!

The laundry room may be the most overworked and underappreciated room in your house. Very few homes have laundry rooms efficiently equipped for the task of doing laundry from start to finish. Laundry, like many things, is done in a processes: retrieval, sorting, loading into washer and dryer, removal, folding, and putting away. Ill-equipped rooms do not provide space for sorting and folding, so those jobs end up being done in other parts of the house, and the chances of the steps being finished completely, are minimal.

Saint Louis Closet Company has a solution for every stage of the laundry process. We can help you design units utilizing our chrome baskets for pre-sorted laundry, telescoping rods for pulling things out of the dryer to hang or for items waiting to be ironed. You won’t have to use your bed or kitchen table to fold laundry anymore if you have a convenient folding counter in your laundry room.

Laundry rooms often become the catchall for miscellaneous odds and ends. We have ways to store and hide it all. We can design locker units for families to store all kinds of necessities, like backpacks, coats, hats and more. Cleaning products can be stored privately behind cabinet doors, and broom and mop hooks are a great way to hold longer items.

The days of laundry rooms being located only in basements are gone. Laundry rooms can be found everywhere in the home, including off the kitchen (mudroom), on the 2nd floor, and in Master bathrooms. Designing your laundry room for efficiency and style is a smart choice with our laminate wood finishes in a variety of colors, and rods available in chrome or brass.

January is National GO (Get Organized) Month, so start off your new year with a more efficient laundry room and make getting laundry done easier for everyone.

Please come check out our closet factory and showroom in Maplewood, MO. Saint Louis Closet Company is the ideal choice for all of your laundry needs. Please call us for your free estimate, (314)781-9000.

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