Saint Louis Closet Co. Gets WBE Certified!!

Saint Louis Closet Co. is proud to announce that we have officially been certified as a bona fide Women-owned Business Enterprise (WBE)!!  The certification comes from the the State of Missouri’s Office of Supplier and Workforce Diversity.  In order to qualify for the WBE Certification, a business must be at least fifty-one percent (51%) owned by a women, and the female owner must hold the highest position in the company and be capable of exercising direct control over the daily, as well as the long-term decisions regarding the management, policies and operations of the firm.

Saint Louis Closet Co. was founded in 1991 by Jennifer Williams, who still runs every aspect of the business.  Saint Louis Closet Co. has been locally owned and operated for 19 years, and it is the ONLY female-owned closet company in the entire Midwest!

“I am so thrilled to receive this certification,” says owner Jennifer Williams. “Anyone who knows me knows how adamate I am with my support of women in the workplace, and this is just another step forward for female-owned businesses everywhere!”

Click the link below to see our certificate:


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