Pleasing Pantries!

Cooking up Something Super for your Pantry

Second to the Master closet, pantries are on the top of homeowners’ lists to organize with customized shelving and accessories; this is no surprise since the kitchen is often considered “the heart of the home.”

Where does everyone wind up at a party?– in the kitchen. According to Closets Magazine, when touring model homes, visitors spend more time in the kitchen than any other room in the home.

Saint Louis Closet Co. has noticed that with the influx of purchasing in bulk from large box stores, there is more and more focus on storage of foods, paper goods, and even excess dishes and appliances. Saint Louis Closet Co. custom closets can truly make a difference in your pantry.

Maximizing your kitchen pantry with corner shelving, platter dividers, and adjustable shelving for the varied size items stored in pantries can make overall kitchen storage simpler. Chrome pull-out wine racks store wine bottles at a 15-degree angle to ensure corks remain moist in storage. Pull-out chrome baskets in various sizes are perfect for paper goods, chips, and recycling. And don’t forget tray shelves and basket-rimmed shelves for canned goods and small boxes.

Once you realize there’s a place for everything in your Saint Louis Closet Co. pantry, then everything will be in its proper place in your kitchen!

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