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A 2010 study showed that women who described their living spaces as disorganized tended to have higher cortisol levels (a stress hormone). Prolonged elevated cortisol levels have been associated with anxiety and depression.

Having a messy or disorganized space can also trick your brain into thinking that your overall life is in the same state, increasing the risk of depression and/or anxiety.

Ultimately, organizing your space is a form of self-care. Everyone should dedicate daily time to self-care because it naturally induces mindfulness and gives you a sense of control, even though there may be other stressors in life that you can’t control.

Read on to learn from the professional organizers that Saint Louis Closet Co. has partnered with to learn how to stay organized while you transition your space from Fall to Winter.

2B Organized STL

1. Folding bulky sweaters neatly can be tricky. We recommend grouping your sweaters by thickness, making it easier to create the same width for each sweater. Thus, resulting in neat stacks.

If you prefer to hang your sweaters, utilize more substantial wood or acrylic hangers to avoid those pesky shoulder bubbles.

2. File folding your scarves is an excellent organizational solution for drawers or bins, so you don’t have to pull out all your scarves just to get to one.

If space is plentiful, hanging scarves next to your jackets makes it easy to accessorize cold-weather outfits and never overlook what you have.

3. Swapping out purses and bags seasonally is logical whether you move things out of your closet into a storage area or rotate spring and summer bags up to high shelves to make room for fall and winter bags down low.

Clear dividers on shelves or purse hooks keep bags visible and help maintain their shape. Stuff larger totes with paper or excess air cushioning from packages to keep them standing upright and prevent damage.

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Happy Spaces by Lizzy

1. Remember, if you see it, you are more likely to wear it! Take advantage of your hanging space, as this will provide easy access to all your favorite pieces. If you can, hang everything from jeans to cardigans and sweaters.

2. If your closet space is limited, store spring and summer items (e.g., swimsuits, cover-ups, shorts, and sandals) in clear containers that can be hidden away. However, ensure that they’re still accessible if you have any plans for warm-weather vacations.

3. Take your shoes out of their original boxes! You want everything to be easy to access and simple to store on shelves. If you’re worried about protecting your fall boots from creases, you can invest in some boot shapers, but we find that pool noodles work just as well.

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Photo From Happy Spaces by Lizzy

Organized Interiors STL

1. Some closets have ample shelving space, including upper shelves, which are great for storing out-of-season items. Use a bin and label it, so you know what’s inside. It may be helpful to separate your out-of-season clothing into categories (e.g., dresses, shirts, pants, shoes, etc.).

2. File folding your sweaters and sweatshirts inside your drawers or bins makes it easy to see all your options without digging through the drawer or bin and making a mess.

3. Use easy-to-reach baskets for frequently used cold-weather accessories like hats and gloves. You don’t want to be wasting your time looking for these necessities when trying to get out of the house in the morning.

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The Organized Benefit

1. A seasonal change is a perfect opportunity to edit your wardrobe. Did you not wear it this past spring or summer? Does it fit? Is it stained or damaged? If you answered “yes,” consider purging it from your closet.

2. To prepare your closet for a seasonal rotation, ensure your items are clean and dry. If an item needs mending or tailoring, handle that before storing it. You will thank yourself in the spring.

3. Proper storage is key! Do NOT store items in dry cleaner bags. Instead, opt for breathable canvas hanging bags, especially for delicate fabrics.

It’s OK to store less delicate items in sealed plastic bins but be sure any items are clean and dry. Don’t forget to label your containers and garment bags for easy retrieval in the spring.

Moths, and other pests, are attracted to cardboard. Do not store clothing or shoes in cardboard long term.

Try lavender sachets instead of mothballs. They are equally as effective at keeping moths away, and we have found that most people enjoy the smell more than mothballs.

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Laura Certa at The Spruced Home

1. While shuffling around seasonal items, take the time to edit your wardrobe, purge unwanted items, and get organized. An organized closet means less time fretting over what to wear, less time rifling through the clothes you don’t need, and less time spent getting ready overall.

2. Organize your clothing by category (e.g., short sleeve, long sleeve, sweaters, jackets, etc.). Keep your in-season items handy and tuck the out-of-season towards the back of your closet.

For an extra organized look, sort by color (lightest to darkest) within each category. This may seem tedious, but once you set this method in place, it’s simple to maintain and makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

3. If you’re tight on space, swap out seasonal items. The drawer you’ve been keeping those shorts in all summer might be an excellent place for sweaters this winter.

Stash the shorts and sundresses away in a bin or clothing storage bag. When summer rolls back around, simply rotate the contents.

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Saint Louis Closet Co.

We hope these helpful tips from our professional organizer partners will help you transition your wardrobes for the changing seasons and keep your closets organized and easy to traverse.

If you are looking for another way to help keep your belongings organized, look no further. At Saint Louis Closet Co., we build custom closets that allow you to use the entirety of your available space as efficiently as possible.

From adjustable shelving to a litany of closet accessories, we provide a foundation that sets you up for organizational success.

Contact us today to register for a free consultation, or visit our Maplewood showroom to see examples of our work. We can’t wait to help you!

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