Partnering with Professional Organizers: The Organized Benefit

Saint Louis Closet Co. is proud to recommend services to our wonderful St. Louis community before or after installing our high-quality, adjustable products. We’re talking about our growing partnerships with professional organizers like The Organized Benefit, of course! Find out who they are and what their business offers your living space:

The Women of The Organized Benefit

First off, let us introduce you to a pair of incredible moms who are constantly battling for the title of “Biggest Morning Person” – Ann and Belinda. Born and raised in St. Louis, these entrepreneurs believe in getting things done and never backing down from a challenge. What do they love most? A clean, functional house and stylish interior design. Their passion for organization is completely contagious and that’s why we love them.

What They Offer

The Organized Benefit offers two main services including home organizing and unpacking and organizing your move. No matter how large or small your space is, these professional organizers will meet with you for an in-home consultation. After determining your preferences, they will find the necessary items to optimize storage, function, and beauty.

Conquering Style and Function

Ann and Belinda’s approach is to maintain both style and function. Why sacrifice one when you can have both? Trust them to observe your current organizational habits, develop a strategy, and transform your space. The most exciting part? It will all be designed to your personal style!

See the Results for Yourself

Here is just a taste of their skillset:

How To Connect

Find The Organized Benefit online at and make sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn! You can also send an email to or call them directly at 314-616-7001.

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