Partnering with Professional Organizers: Sacred Space Organizing

It’s time for another professional organizer spotlight! Our friends at Sacred Space Organizing will help you simplify your life with intention through their signature “Live Lighter, Live Better” process. They specialize in home and office organization, moving, downsizing, photo organization, and even offer virtual organizing services.

Clear the Clutter, Change Your life

The goal of Sacred Space Organizing is to help clients live life with intention by eliminating things that no longer serve them. The best part? Discarded items will bless others and change lives through their Blessing Our Neighbors project. You can truly feel good knowing that everything you let go of during your session will directly benefit those who are less fortunate.

Meet the Team

Erin Neumann and Charlotte Slankard are co-owners of Sacred Space Organizing. It all started over a cup of java at a cafe in Webster Groves, where the two first met. They quickly bonded over their shared passion for home organization, entrepreneurship, giving back to their communities, and a desire to inspire others to simplify their lives with intention.

  • Erin Neumann – Graduated from West Point and served five years in the U.S. Army, eventually ending her time ranked as a Captain. She received her master’s in business administration after studying organizational behavior. After discovering the profound impact organizing has on people’s lives, she made it her life’s mission to share this knowledge with others.
  • Charlotte Slankard – In 2012, she retired and rewired. Guided by spiritual direction, she sold her thriving business and discovered a new passion to declutter her life. Like Erin, Charlotte was inspired by the KonMari Method from the book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” She loves helping clients transform their lives by helping them clear their clutter.

Proud Partners

Saint Louis Closet Co. is proud to partner with Sacred Space Organizing. You can work with them before or after installing your very own customizable organizational system in the closet, home office, pantry, and even more spaces!

To learn more about this incredible business, please visit or follow them on Facebook and Instagram. You can also call Sacred Space Organizing for a free phone consultation by dialing 314-266-4820.

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