Partnering with Professional Organizers: Lizzy Kline

Lizzy Kline, owner of Happy Spaces by Lizzy, LLC

When it comes to installing an organizational space in your home, Saint Louis Closet Co. has the determination and resources to get the job done. However, once your closet, pantry, home office, or laundry room is completed, you may need additional help getting your belongings in order. That’s where a professional like Lizzy Kline comes in handy. Find out more about her expertise in the following interview with Jennifer Williams.

I’m honored to speak with Lizzy Kline, owner of Happy Spaces by Lizzy, LLC. Lizzy is a professional organizer who works with me at Saint Louis Closet Co. every so often. Discovering her passion as a full-time mom of four, Lizzy decided to share her love of home organization through her business when her children went off to school.

Thanks for joining me, Lizzy! Beginning on a more curious note – what is your favorite area in the home to organize?

That’s a terrific question, Jennifer, because my favorite area is the closet. I love helping people who are transitioning from different stages of their lives through paring down to achieve a maintainable closet. Every time they walk into or see it, they should feel excited. I also love giving tips on what clients can add to their wardrobes.

How would you describe the biggest difference between custom closets and regular closets?

Having a customized closet system takes all of the guesswork out of organization. While it’s easy to fill in randomized shelving and mismatched containers, having a beautiful, built-in system from Saint Louis Closet Co. helps maintain order and keep things off the floor. One of my biggest mottos – “If you can see it, you’ll wear it. But if you don’t wear it, let it go!”

Great, now let’s get to business. How do you help clients?

Happy Spaces by Lizzy is a company that focuses on helping you edit your life so it’s easier to maintain organization. Once we help our clients pare down, we help them with ways to make it maintainable.

A Saint Louis Closet Co. closet with high shelves organized by Lizzy Kline.

What do you think is the hardest part of getting started on being organized?

I think the hardest part for many people is to let go of things. We’ve actually found that once our clients start to declutter, they see how it’s incredibly helpful. They also gain more time not having to scramble to find things.

What are some of your tips and strategies to clients on a path of organization?

I always ask my clients which room causes them the most anxiety and start there. We then empty out the space and go through everything. The next step is to decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to discard. Lastly, we help them get organized.

What are some of the best options or accessories clients can request when working specifically with Saint Louis Closet Co.?

I love it when I see pull-out telescoping rods in closets. They’re helpful if you are trying to pack, put stuff aside, or even for clothes you aren’t ready to put away yet. I also love the new tie butler and built-in drawers that Saint Louis Closet Co. offers.

St Louis Closet Co closet photo

How important is adjustable shelving for clients?

So important! People tell me that they have no place for their boots or tall purses, so I show them how easy it is to adjust a shelf or two. I love how Saint Louis Closet Co. helps me out by bringing an extra shelf out when we need it.

Outside the closet, what is the best area for clients to have organized?

I think vertical shelving is critical as well. Anywhere you can put extra shelving is great. I also enjoy mudrooms, especially for families as it’s so nice to have lockers for the kids.

If you had to give clients one tip that would help them stay organized, what would it be?

Don’t focus on the containers – focus on the editing first. You may actually have some decent containers in your house, but those are easy to add.

Thank you again for this interview, Lizzy! How can our audience contact you?

Always feel free to contact me at I can also be reached by cell at 314-570-8942. Be sure to check out my website and follow me on Facebook/Instagram!

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