Custom Pantry Designs

Organize Your Pantry With a Stylish Design

Keep kitchen clutter to a minimum and maximize the space in your pantry with a custom design from Saint Louis Closet Co.! Our designers can make your pantry functional and stylish, with everything from corner shelving to pull-out drawers. All of our organizational systems are 100% adjustable and measured to any space, big or small.

  • Easily view every spice or canned good in your pantry with pull-out racks.
  • Create visually appealing spaces for storing wine or showcasing heirlooms.
  • Utilize pantry space to the fullest with adjustable thermo-fused laminate (TFL) shelving.

How many times have you searched your pantry looking for that one random spice you need for your recipe? How often have you wished for more space or cringed at how out-of-style your kitchen cabinets look? Custom pantry shelving units from Saint Louis Closet Co. are a great way to update your kitchen and add style and value to your home. With so many options to choose from, what are you waiting for?