Our 6 Expert Reach-in Closet Ideas

reach-in closet ideas

Reach-in closets, commonly found in the hallways and bedrooms of older homes, are perfect for a grab-and-go lifestyle. Luckily, this space can be tailored to your needs.

Are you not sure where to start? Here are 6 ideas on how to organize a reach-in closet and create the functional space you need!

What Is a Reach-in Closet?

A reach-in closet is the most common type of closet. People can reach into them to pull things out and put them away but cannot walk inside. Built-ins can transform the closet, effectively storing one’s entire wardrobe.

Since each household has unique needs for storing clothes and accessories, it’s important to consider how much room you have available, your storage needs, and your budget. A reach-in closet may be the best option for you, as they:

  • allow you to view all your options in one place.
  • are great for minimalists or people looking to downsize.
  • are less expensive.
  • make the most use of a small space.

How Deep Is a Reach-in Closet?

A reach-in closet is typically 24 inches deep and anywhere from 3 to 8 feet wide. They’re usually outfitted with a single rod and shelf. Left as-is, this space can fill up in a hurry. That’s where closet organization systems come in!

Reach-in Closet Organizational Tips

One-size-fits-all organizers don’t work for lots of people, as everyone’s storage needs and design tastes vary. These pre-fabbed closet organizer systems will only get you so far, and the design and quality can’t compare to what a skilled closet designer can create.

Saint Louis Closet Co. knows every inch of space matters. Maximize your closet storage space by following our expert tips!

#1. Bedroom Closet Drawers and Shelves

Tailor designs according to where closets are in the home. After all, a closet in the bedroom should have a different setup than one meant for linens.

Bedroom closets largely depend on your needs. For instance, long dresses will need hanging space, whereas bulky sweaters will store best in drawers or on open shelves.

Incorporating drawers into the design will also:

  • eliminate the need for a freestanding dresser, giving you more floor space in the bedroom.
  • help keep all your clothes in one place.
  • help keep small items organized with drawer dividers and jewelry inserts.

Shelves, meanwhile, utilize vertical space well. The top and bottom of closets are commonly underused. Store everything, from shoes to pants to sweaters, and adjust them as needed.

#2. Adjustable Storage for Kids’ Closets

Any parent would love it if their kid’s closet stayed tidy, at least for a few weeks at a time. By keeping a closet organized, kids get ready quicker in the morning and learn to take care of and appreciate what they have.

As children grow, their needs change, which makes adjustable storage solutions the way to go. Children of any size can easily access pull-out chrome baskets and adjustable shelves and even store art supplies, board games, and other toys.

#3. Organized Linen Closets

The linen closets in your home are likely the most overlooked. They are tucked away and keep an assortment of household textiles organized, like:

  • bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths.
  • beach towels.
  • blankets and quilts.
  • cleaning supplies.
  • extra toiletries.
  • tablecloths and runners.

A linen closet that’s crowded, making it difficult to find what you’re looking for, may be ready for an upgrade.

#4. Pull-out Closet Organizers

It can be hard to locate specific items in one’s wardrobe when they’re stored closely together. Pull-out closet organizers make it easier to find things quickly. They come in many forms, like belt racks, pant racks, tie racks, telescoping rods, and sliding shelves.

Telescoping rods, also known as temporary hanging rods, are a very popular closet accessory. People often use them when planning an outfit to be worn the next day, deciding what to pack for a trip, or designating which items need to go to the dry cleaners.

#5. Slanted Shoe Shelves

Shoes can be tricky to store in reach-in closets. There are ankle boots, clogs, flats, high heels, loafers, slingbacks, sneakers, strappy sandals, and more! Since they’re bulky and can take up a lot of room, slanted shoe shelves are here to keep everything properly organized.

#6. Tilt-out Laundry Hampers

Another practical use of closet space is installing tilt-out laundry hampers. Now you can ditch those plastic laundry baskets and improve the aesthetic of your home!

These hampers can keep all your dirty clothes in one place. Plus, when it’s time to put a load in the washing machine, the removable canvas liner with handles makes it easy to transport clothes.

Call Saint Louis Closet Co. and Create the Space You Need!

Are you looking to renovate your reach-in closet? Saint Louis Closet Co.’s expert team of designers is here to help!

We have everything you need to keep your closet organized, and the custom closets we build use available space as efficiently as possible.

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