Custom Playrooms

Organization for the Entire Family

When every toy, book, and art supply has a home, your child will learn to keep everything in its place, which is skill that it is never too early to learn!

Bookshelves are a great way to keep your children’s reading material organized while being able to easily access all of their favorite stories. Saint Louis Closet Co. bookshelves are also a great investment for schools and libraries.

Lockers are a great idea for kids rooms and playrooms, and playrooms as well. Your children’s favorite books and toys will stay in tip top shape when they each have their own place in the playroom. Clean up will be much easier for you and the kiddos with smart playroom organization!

Remember: every system that Saint Louis Closet Co. installs is 100% adjustable, so the units can change and be adjusted with your family as the kids grow.