Custom Kids’ Closets

Custom Closets for Children of All Ages

They grow up so fast! Just like us, children need a place to store their out-of-season clothes, shoes, and their “Sunday best” outfits. Teaching organizational habits from a young age will help your children learn responsibility and appreciate what they have.

Pull-out chrome baskets and adjustable shelves are easy to access for children of any size. Perfect for toys, board games, or art supplies also. We also offer custom organization solutions for playrooms. Our closets are sturdy and secure, you won’t have to assemble them yourself as your closet is designed specifically for your kids’ organizational needs.

As children grow, their needs change, an adjustable custom closet investment now will pay off later as your child becomes a teenager and needs more closet space for clothing. When the time is right, check out this video on how to organize a teen’s closet. We can create a place for everything and lots of new space as they grow.

Your child’s closet is just as important as your own, if not more so! They need spaces for their hanging and folded clothes, their shoes and pjs, and also for their toys and stuffed animals, but they also need their own space that they are responsible for. Teaching organizational habits from a young age will help your child learn responsibility and appreciate what they have. So, how do you organize your child’s closet? Keep reading to find out!

Install A Double or Triple Hanging System
A double, or even triple, adjustable hanging bar is the way to go for a child’s closet, it is definitely “kid-friendly closet organization.”  It will help you use the vertical space of the closet. This feature is beneficial when you are working with small storage space.

Think about it! You’ll have more space to organize by size and season. As your child grows, you can always adjust the rods or replace them with shelves to make room for larger pieces, but for now, make the most out of what you have.

Dividers and Labels
Kids can grow out of their clothes at exponential rates. So, odds are you have multiple sizes at the ready, just in case. Invest in a labeler to label the front of your adjustable shelving or buys some patterned paper to make labels out of. Mark each label with the different sizes you’re organizing. This way, you can quickly pull from or put back any piece of clothing without thinking about where it belongs.

Divvy Up Accessories with Drawer Dividers
Scrunchies, socks, tights, and underwear often disappear in the fold. It isn’t uncommon to find them balled up underneath pajamas or pants shoved into drawers. What you may need is a set of drawer dividers! Our Lucite dividers can help you better organize scrunchies and other accessories, keep them in better condition, and reduce clutter. Sort by size, design, or color to create an eye-catching drawer!

Build A Dresser or Pull-out Drawers in The Closet
This hack is the move for you if you’re trying to make the most out of a small bedroom. You want your child’s living space to feel open and uncluttered. This will help them sleep easier at night. It’s an easy way to expand your storage capabilities. Simply add drawers to their closet system and build the rest of your storage needs around it.  

Or if you are trying to streamline and simplify, eliminate the dresser in the bedroom for a more open feel and install custom drawers in your kid’s closet organizer for their socks, underwear, shorts, and t-shirts.

Use Baskets and Bins
You’re not going to put every piece of clothing on a hanger. Use pull-out baskets or bins to store other clothing pieces to help you stay organized. Think about placing these baskets and bins closer to the ground, so your child can access them. They can pick out their clothes and put them back when needed.

Utilize The Inside of the Closet Door(s)
Do you want to double your storage space? Well, we have the solution for you. Install storage options (i.e., shoe racks, hooks, baskets, bins, etc.) inside the closet door(s) to expand your storage capabilities. This option will help leave the actual closet space free for clothes and is helpful if your child is sharing their closet with a sibling.

How do I Organize my Kids Walk-in Closet?
Organizing your kid’s closet with a custom closet organizer may be the best use of money and time.  A custom closet will last years and can change as your child grows from kid to teen to adult. By investing in a top-notch closet today, you’ll ultimately save money down the line.

Saint Louis Closet Co. offers sturdy, high-quality closets that grow with your child. With adjustable shelves and available accessories that you can add or take out, your Saint Louis Closet Co. closet can offer everything you need in whatever space you have available.

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