Custom Kids’ Closets

Custom Closets for Children of All Ages

They grow up so fast! Just like us, children need a place to store their out-of-season clothes, shoes, and their “Sunday best” outfits. Teaching organizational habits from a young age will help your children learn responsibility and appreciate what they have.
Wire baskets and adjustable shelves are easy to access for children of any size. Older toys, board games, or art supplies can be out of sight, but not out of reach! Our closets are sturdy and secure. You won’t have to assemble them yourself as your closet is designed specifically for your organizational needs.
As children grow, their needs change. A custom closet investment now will pay off later as your child becomes a teenager and needs more closet space for clothing. When the time is right, check out this video on how to organize a teen’s closet.
Call today or fill out a simple consultation form for a free consultation. Virtual consultations are available, so we can find out what you need without you ever leaving the comfort of your home. Need ideas for inspiration? Or visit our showroom in Maplewood to see examples of how your children’s closets could look!
We also offer custom organization solutions for playrooms.