Custom Sewing, Wrapping & Craft Centers

Sew, Wrap, and Craft in Style!

Tired of knotted up ribbons, crunched bows, and ripped wrapping paper?
Has the scrapbooking craze got you tied in knots?
Where in the world is the navy blue thread?

Saint Louis Closet Co. organized and custom-made wrapping paper centers, craft centers, and sewing rooms will put a smile on your face. We offer trays and slanted shelves for rolls of paper and baskets for ribbons; scrapbooking workrooms with drawers, shelves and surfaces big enough to cut and paste; and file drawers and baskets to organize even the messiest of craft items. Our custom designed storage systems are built to meet your crafting needs.

An organized Saint Louis Closet Co. craft center or art room is a great addition to the modern home. A crafting area from Saint Louis Closet Co. can double as a wrapping paper center during the holidays, too! A perfectly organized space will make gifting fun.