Getting Meghan King Organized

Whether it’s creating beautiful closets or giving back to their community through philanthropic endeavors, the Saint Louis Closet Co. staff has been exceeding expectations since 1991, when the doors to Saint Louis Closet Co. opened.

Since first becoming a client of Saint Louis Closet Co.  seven years ago, Meghan King hasn’t looked back. Trusting Saint Louis Closet Co. to keep her life fun, functional, and fabulous, King has embarked on yet another project with the renowned, woman run company.

Why Go with Saint Louis Closet Co.?

According to King, the process was “so streamline; so easy!” King was asked questions in detail about her closet needs to make sure every choice was custom tailored for her home. Saint Louis Closet Co. creates closets to fit the specific needs of each individual client. There are no compromises when it comes to functionality and aesthetic. It’s functional art!

When we say it’s art, we mean it! We have countless accessories and world class materials that ensure your closet will make you wonder in awe at just how easy is to organize your life.

What Does Meghan King Look for in a Closet?

The key to a good closet is that it invokes a sense of confidence and composition. As a mom of three beautifully rambunctious children, King admits to needing at least one outfit change a day. It’s important that dressing for the day doesn’t feel like another chore. It should be a wondrous experience in which you take pride in your clothing, shoes, and accessories. With a Saint Louis Closet Co. closet, you know your belongings will be put on display and kept in great condition for you to appreciate for years to come.

In the case of King, we put our skills to the test to create boutique closets for a boutique lifestyle. Yes, that’s closets with an ‘s.’ We’ve created several closets for Meghan King over the years. Most recently, however, we’ve constructed several lower-level closets for her out-of-season clothes, and we’re currently working on completing her master bedroom closet! King’s style is sophisticated with an edge, so it was important that her closets’ design represented that. A King closet is pristine, elegant, relaxing, organized, detail oriented, and fashionable.

Schedule a Consultation with Saint Louis Closet Co.

Feeling inspired? If you are ready to bring organization into your life, look no further. We can work with any budget and any space to bring your closet to life. Just imagine all of the possibilities! Call Saint Louis Closet Co. at 314-781-9000 today and we can offer you a free consultation and design quote for your new closet.

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