5 Tips for Organizing Athletic Clothing

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner! During this time, many people are starting to think about outdoor activities and exercising more often. That means they are beginning to search for their athletic clothing; but can they find their favorite gear? Saint Louis Closet Co. has many great ways to organize athleisure. Here are 5 tips to help you get started:

Divide and Conquer the Drawers

Let’s pull out those drawers and dump everything on the bed! Why? If you can’t find a particular item of clothing, then you need to implement a whole new organizational system. Start by adding drawer dividers so that you can file-fold sports bras, tanks, t-shirts, and shorts. With these installed, there will also be room to keep yoga pants, joggers, sweatpants, and tracksuits stacked neatly. You can even dedicate a section with a small, lined basket for workout accessories like headbands, gloves, and moisture-wicking socks.

Determine What’s Clutter and Donate It

Before you simply throw every item back into your drawers, take a moment to determine what pieces of athletic clothing you no longer wear. A lot of people will wear the same few pairs of shorts each time they work out. Any additional pairs are just taking up space and need to be removed. Apply the same mindset to other items and drop them all off at your local donation bin. There are certainly people in the world who can benefit from your old gear.

Color Code the Closet

Stop wasting time searching for your favorite green tank top and put a method together for organizing your closet. Why not sort everything by color? This will allow you to not only quickly spot the items you’re looking for, but it will also let you coordinate outfits easier. There are two ways you can approach this:

  • ROYGBIV: Organize everything in order from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Yes, that is the exact same pattern as a rainbow! Sprinkle in your brown, black, white, and gray clothing however works best for you.
  • Light – Dark: From pure white to deep black, you can have all of your colorful clothes organized in-between by their shades from light to dark.

By the way, you can either hang all of your clothing or fold and stack them on shelves.

Adjust the Shelves for Maximum Shoe Storage

Speaking of shelves, can yours move around freely? No? It’s time to upgrade to adjustable shelving, which is also perfect for displaying tennis shoes, hiking boots, and even yoga gear.  Whether you are going for a run, lifting weights, practicing yoga, or hiking, you can easily grab the shoes that fit your plans. Don’t want dress shoes or high heels next to your gym kicks? Add another shelf for your fancy footwear.

Stick to It!

The hardest part to keeping your athletic clothes organized is sticking to your new system. While it can take weeks or months to form a new habit, the results are worth the effort. Luckily, getting ready to exercise is much quicker thanks to Saint Louis Closet Co. Meet with one of our expert designers and talk to them about all of your organizational needs. From the bedroom to the laundry room, we offer many accessories to assist you with organizing athletic clothing.  

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