Organized Pantries

Keep all of your dry and canned goods organized and easily accessible with a 100% customized pantry from Saint Louis Closet Co.! Keep your kitchen clutter to a minimum and maximize the space in your pantry.


How many times have you searched your pantry looking for that one random spice you need for your recipe? A pull-out spice rack from Saint Louis Closet Co. will let you easily view every spice in your cabinet! Other available pull-out racks include canned good racks, wine racks, baskets, basket rim shelves, and pull-out tray shelves.


Saint Louis Closet Co. can make your pantry as custom and functional as you like, with everything from corner shelves to pull-out racks and drawers. Adjustable shelving from Saint Louis Closet Co. will eliminate the limitations that come with fixed height shelves and will allow you to utilize the pantry space to its maximum.  Call today to see how we can organize your pantry!  314-781-9000.


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