Bring Order to Your Laundry Room with Saint Louis Closet Co.!

It seems like your laundry room would naturally be the neatest, most organized area in your house since it’s a room totally dedicated to cleaning. But all too often, the laundry room becomes a catchall for the clutter you don’t want spilling over into the rest of your house.

organized laundry room

Whether you do your laundry in a spacious first-floor room, a glorified closet on the second floor, or even the corner of an unfinished basement, cabinets and shelving from Saint Louis Closet Co. can help bring order to the chaos!

clean and organized laundry room

The first step in truly organizing any space, but especially your laundry room, is to be completely honest about everything that needs to be stored. If you know that oversized packs of paper towels, pet carriers, and your kids’ backpacks always end up in the laundry room, create a place for each of those items! With Saint Louis Closet Co. shelving, you can customize the depth and width, so even bulky items can be put away neatly.

pull-out hamper

For an even cleaner look, add doors and drawers! A cabinet of mismatched cleaning supplies becomes a sleek testament to your sense of style with the simple addition of a pair of decorative doors. Flat doors pair perfectly with a minimalist style, or choose one of the raised panel options offered by Saint Louis Closet Co. for a chic decorator look.

organized drying rack

For an even wider range of customization, explore the range of accessories offered by Saint Louis Closet Co., including telescoping rods, broom and mop hooks, swiveling wardrobe rails, or built-in baskets. Our sliding or tilt-out baskets, available in white or chrome, are perfect for sorting dirty or clean laundry. Use them to sort types of laundry to keep loads separate, or assign one to each member of the family to let even the youngest children learn the basics of organization.

If it’s time to organize your laundry room, consult with one of our designers. They’ll walk you through everything we discussed here, plus whatever else may be perfect for your unique situation. Do you need a counter for folding clothes, a foldout ironing board, or a built-in drying rack? Let us show you the possibilities!

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