How to Organize Your Utility Closet for Summer

The wait for summer is officially over! That means it’s finally time to break out your swimsuits, pool towels, and sunscreen from storage – but where are you going to keep it all when you’re not sitting poolside? The utility closet, of course! This space is the catch-all of every home, giving you one area to keep everything organized. Not quite there yet? Saint Louis Closet Co. is more than happy to tell you how to organize your utility closet for summer.

Remove All of the Clutter

Utility closets are known for becoming a dumping ground over the years. It’s easy to pack this space with mops, brooms, toilet paper, step ladders, tools, light bulbs, and so on. There’s also a chance that you keep your holiday decorations, guest linens, first aid kits, and much more here. Take a moment to pull it all out and sort through what is necessary and what is clutter. Remove the clutter and examine your empty closet for areas that can be improved.

Install Adjustable Shelving

When you look closer at your current shelves, think of how it can be incredibly frustrating when multiple items are different heights. Sunscreen, for example, isn’t nearly as tall as the window or bathroom cleaning solutions. Aren’t you sick of having to keep all of the larger objects on the top/bottom shelves or even needing to lay them on their sides? Adjustable shelving offers flexibility – a key benefit to organizing masters or novices alike – for this kind of situation. Once you have it installed, you can simply adjust the shelves higher or lower as you see fit.

Leave Room for Shoe Shelves

Another wonderful aspect to adjustable shelving is being able to leave room for water shoes and sandals! Typically placed closest to the floor, shoe shelves are perfect for maximizing your closet space. You can even invest in slanted shoe shelves, which help to keep everything in its place without blocking your view.

Add Pull-Out Baskets

If your drawers are full and you need to find a place to keep your swimsuits and pool towels, adding a pull-out basket is the right choice. While you can also fold and place everything on the shelves, baskets allow you to file fold. This method saves you space and time when you need to pull out a particular item. Have a big family? Consider installing one basket for each person.

Schedule a Consultation with Saint Louis Closet Co.

Having a floor-based closet system installed in your utility closet is the best way to maximize the space. You don’t have to have a specific closet either, as we can also design shelving systems in any area of your home. Call Saint Louis Closet Co. at 314-781-9000 today and one of our designers will come out and give you a free estimate on your utility closet.

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