5 Tips to Organize the Pantry this Holiday Season

Happy Holidays from Saint Louis Closet Co.! It’s finally the most wonderful time of the year and we hope that you’re prepared for the next few weeks when it comes to getting organized. One area in particular that we’d like to highlight is the pantry. Think of all the cooking that needs to get done soon and in an efficient manner. While all of your family members may not be getting together this year, you can still send some delicious holiday cheer in the form of care packages to loved ones. Here are 5 tips to organize the pantry this holiday season and beyond!

Remove All Items

You heard us right, take everything out of the pantry and get started on reorganizing. This will work best if you clear a spot in the kitchen for all of your items in the meantime. Bonus points if you can designate an area for anything past its expiration date, should be donated, or that has overstayed its welcome. You’ve probably been adding a number of canned goods and smaller kitchen appliances throughout the years so this gives you a chance for a fresh start.

Think of the Possibilities


Since you now have an unobstructed view of the pantry, take note of how you can organize more efficiently in the future. You’ll realize that you could really benefit from adjustable shelving to perfectly fit taller cereal boxes. They’re not just made for the closet after all! Pull-out tray shelves, basket rim shelves, and spice racks are other perfect accessories for maximizing your pantry’s storage space. Consider drawing up your own design or speak to a professional designer from Saint Louis Closet Co. to get the ball rolling.

Create a System

Alphabetical order alone is not going to cut it here, especially if you simply mix and match all of the goods in your pantry. Instead, create a system that organizes the available spaces by categories like canned food, spices, cereal, and so on. If one group doesn’t take an entire shelf or drawer, look into adding dividers. Once your items are properly placed, feel free to organize even further. No matter how you do it, make sure all labels are facing towards the front. This will allow you to easily identify a can of soup from a can of corn.

Keep Kitchen Appliances Low

Before loading the pantry back up, pick out all of the kitchen appliances that will now take residence in your nook. Blenders, popcorn makers, and toasters are all capable of leaving a scar when falling from above. Find a low place where they can all rest so you don’t have to worry about it raining appliances one unfortunate day.

Utilize Extra Drawers for Attachments


Speaking of appliances, you’re bound to have a variety of attachments and add-ons for blenders, mixers, and makers. By having pull-out drawers installed in your pantry, you can free up any other drawer space in the kitchen that was previously crowded. The last thing you want when reaching for a spoon is to feel the sharp edge of a prep slicer/shredder. Ouch!

Build a Pantry from Scratch

Maybe you don’t currently have a pantry or yours has been taken over due to various storage needs. All you really need is a space on the wall for our 100% adjustable organizational systems. Our custom designs will make your own personal pantry functional and stylish. Contact us online or call 314-781-9000 for a free in person or virtual consultation today.

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