5 Clever Ways to Organize Scrunchies and Other Accessories

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means your calendar’s going to start filling up. Whether you’re visiting family or gearing up to head out and enjoy all of the festivities together, the last thing you want is to be stuck rummaging through disorganized drawers to find your child’s favorite scrunchie, necklace, or bow. Diminish the stress in your life and save time with these smart tips to help you organize scrunchies and other accessories for your little girl!

basket for scrunchies

Set Scrunchies in a Pull-Out Basket

Tired of losing or misplacing your little one’s scrunchies? Try keeping them in their very own basket! A wire pull-out basket, complete with a canvas liner, can keep them all in one place yet out of sight for a streamlined look. These also work wonders if your daughter is a fan of wearing bows!

drawer for scrunchies

Divvy Up Accessories with Drawer Dividers

Scrunchies, socks, tights, and underwear often disappear in the fold. It isn’t uncommon to find them balled up underneath pajamas or pants shoved into drawers. What you may need is a set of drawer dividers! Our 5 Lucite dividers can help you better organize scrunchies and other accessories, keep them in better condition, and reduce clutter. Sort by size, design, or color to create an eye-catching drawer!

organize scrunchies tips

Keep Them Pristine and Accessible in a Divided Pull-Out Drawer

Take your organizing game a step further by using a medium drawer with 100% pull-out extension slides and a velvet insert. These types of drawers are not only beautiful, but they are also helpful when it comes to locating just the right accessory. Our drawers, for example, feature deep compartments that work wonderfully for scrunchies, larger pieces of jewelry, socks, tights, bows, and so much more!

Child's Jewelry Drawer

Find Bling Easily with a Jewelry Drawer

You know the frustration of being unable to locate just the right accessory, and your daughter’s jewelry is no exception. A jewelry drawer or even jewelry inserts can help you find just want you need in a clutter-free space! This type of drawer features an array of compartments designated for necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings.

Necklace Rack

Store Necklaces Tangle-Free with a Necklace Rack

Has your daughter come to you with a few of her favorite necklaces tangled together? Save time and frustration with a tangle-free necklace rack. Our chrome racks provide a place for you to safely and conveniently store necklaces and other jewelry or accessories.

Don’t let your little one’s accessories overtake your living quarters (and your life) any longer. Get organized now with the help of Saint Louis Closet Co.! Call us today at (314) 781-9000 to learn more or for a free estimate!

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