Organizational Tips for the Holidays

With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s time to begin thinking about shopping, cooking, and event planning. If you’re starting to feel that seasonal stress kick-in, take a breath and grab your favorite hot beverage. Our experts have rounded up organizational tips for the holidays to help make your season merry and bright.

Clean Out the Fridge and Freezer

Take some time to organize your refrigerator and freezer. After all, you’ll need all the space you can get for the turkey, casserole dishes, and cookie dough!

Empty the fridge and freezer, and then give the drawers and shelves a good scrub. When placing food back inside, check for expiration dates. Also, go through items you haven’t used in ages and decide if they’re worth keeping or should be tossed.

Make Room in the Pantry

You’ll also need to make room in the pantry for all the food you’ll be buying. Wipe down the shelves and throw away anything that’s expired. Be sure to purge or donate the food you’re not going to eat.

Utilize pantry space to the fullest with adjustable shelves and racks. Chrome pull-out racks store canned goods or spices, making it easier to see what you have. Plus, you can view everything being stored and keep items from toppling over with basket rim shelves.

Clean Guest Rooms and Bathrooms

If you have guests coming to stay, now’s the time to get the guest room and bathroom ready! First, make room for their clothes. Keep a range of empty hangers in the closet, like wooden blazer hangers, padded hangers for delicate clothing, and skirt and pant hangers.

Next, make sure the bedding is clean and comfortable, and provide a few cozy blankets. Some guests sleep easier when it’s cold, and others prefer the room to be toasty. This way, guests will feel comfortable without having to worry about waking you up in the middle of the night. Then stock the bathroom with clean towels and travel-sized toiletries.

Of course, having a dedicated guest room for hosting out-of-town quests isn’t always an option. Murphy beds are a great solution. After all, why choose between a home gym or a guest room when you can have both? With a bed that folds into the cabinet, you can make the most of limited floor space.

Prep Your Entryway for Guests

The entryway shouldn’t take a backseat just because it’s smaller than other areas of the home. Use this essential area to create an inviting atmosphere.

You won’t want snow and mud all over the house. Having a doormat will make all the difference. It can brighten up the front space and present a clean exterior overall.

Give the front porch a good sweep, clean the outdoor chairs, and hang a wreath on the door. Place a boot tray and umbrella stand in the entryway and make a spot for guests to hang their winter gear with coat and hat hooks.

Properly Store Your Holiday Decorations

Proper holiday decor storage helps to keep your space clean, protect your items, and make setting up for future holidays easier. Once the holidays are over, invest in adjustable shelving to house all your holiday wreaths and ornaments. 

Use Bins and Labels

Organize your decor by holiday by putting like-items in stackable bins and labeling by occasion and decor type. This easy identification method will save you time and prevent confusion. When looking for Thanksgiving centerpieces, you won’t reach into a box and find Fourth of July outdoor decor!

Keep the Cardboard

Possibly the most annoying part of the holidays is untangling lights, streamers, and garlands. Prevent the headache of unwinding knots by wrapping each strand around a piece of cardboard.

Protect Ornaments

Many ornaments come with boxes that can be used for storage. Yet, if they’re flimsy or no longer available, there are other options. Use an ornament storage box for larger ornaments and an empty egg carton for smaller ornaments. Combining plastic storage bins, cardboard containers, and tissue paper is another way to organize and protect ornaments.

Set up a Wrapping Station

When it comes time to wrap the perfect gift you bought for each person, you won’t want to cart supplies all over the house last minute. A wrapping station keeps your ribbons, bows, tags, gift bags, gift boxes, tissue paper, wrapping paper, scissors, and tape all in one place. Use a closet, room, or cozy nook. You can even install a custom-made wrapping paper center in an open space of your home.

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