Get Organized Quick with Laundry Room Accessories

Gracefully traveling from the bedroom to the living room, you begin piling dirty clothes into a basket that’s about ready to burst. It’s that time again – laundry day. This is the easy part, you think to yourself disappointingly. The thought of organizing everything one load at a time makes you shake in your fuzzy slippers. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? It all begins with laundry room accessories. Continue reading to find out more from Saint Louis Closet Co.

The Laundry Room

You know what a laundry room looks like – it’s the space where you keep your washing and drying machines. What makes it a room, however, is what surrounds those metallic noisemakers. That’s why you need to invest in accessories specific to the laundry. Each one should have its own purpose, giving you an opportunity to become the most organized person that you have ever been. These accessories include:

Adjustable Shelving

A tried-and-true addition to Saint Louis Closet Co.’s cabinets, adjustable shelving offers a key benefit to organizing masters or novices alike – flexibility. There is freedom in being able to move a shelf higher or lower at will. Need more room for storage? Simply pull out the shelves and rearrange their support brackets. Then, re-insert the shelves.

laundry room adjustable shelving

Telescoping Rods

Similarly to the adjustable shelves, telescoping rods provide you with options on what will go where. If you have one of our units, then there is an opening for a rod! Like a telescope, this particular accessory can fold into itself and extend back out. They can extend out 8 inches for additional hanging or drip drying from the washer.

laundry room shelves


Fold-Out Ironing Boards

Tired of breaking out that ol’ creaking ironing board? Upgrade to a new fold-out one! Its name says it all – store this accessory under a counter or under a shelf, and fold it out whenever you need it. Why take up the entire laundry room when you can store and use a fold-out ironing board at the same time?

laundry room ironing board

Tilt-Out Hampers

Another option to combining storage with utility is the tilt-out hamper. Place it anywhere that can tuck it in for easy access. This type of hamper is used for dirty clothes, ironing, or dry cleaning.

laundry room hamper

Broom and Mop Hooks

Not to be confused with a traditional wall hook, broom and mop hooks are spring-loaded to clamp around a pole. They can be added to your closet panel, or to a faceplate on the wall. With vacuums now occupying most broom closets across the U.S., move that sweeper to the laundry room where it belongs.

laundry room broom hooks

Pull-Out Baskets

Pull-out baskets are perfect for storage, clean clothes, and dirty clothes. If you have room, we can install one basket for each person in your family.

laundry room chrome baskets

Think Outside of the Closet

The word “closet” is in our name, but Saint Louis Closet Co. has much more to offer! We specialize in laundry rooms, pantries, home offices, murphy beds, and more. Want a free in-home estimate? Call us today at 314-781-9000 to meet with one of our talented designers.

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