Organize Your Space with a Murphy Bed or Wall Bed

Saint Louis Closet Co.’s Murphy beds and Wall Beds are functioning beds stored vertically or horizontally inside customized cabinets. With the pull of a handle, these beds can be lowered to accommodate an overnight guest or stowed away to give you extra floor space. This unique characteristic provides additional space to any room. If you’re not familiar with the Murphy bed, it’s simply a bed that folds down from the wall when you’re ready to sleep on it, and conveniently folds back up again when not in use. The cabinets are made of laminate that matches the wall, cabinets, or shelving in your home. Murphy beds provide a little more comfort in a little less space.

St Louis Closet Co murphy bed

Available in queen- or twin-size, our beds offer benefits to adults and children alike. Murphy Beds and Wall Beds are also great options for those who live in a downtown loft or a home in the suburbs. Our expert designers will arrive onsite, learn how our customers currently organize, and create a hand-drawn design that matches an individual’s or family’s needs.

Perfect for guests, our systems will also blend right into any environment. This opens the possibility for hosts to turn a workout room or personal reading space into a guest room instantly.

Create a Guest Space
Having a dedicated guest room for hosting out-of-town quests isn’t always an option. At the same time, you’ll want guests to make themselves at home. A Murphy bed is a cost-effective solution created with comfort in mind. They’re incredibly easy to use and accessing them is stress-free.

Transform the Room
Why choose between a home gym or a guest room when you can have both? With a bed that folds into the cabinet, you can make the most of the limited floor space. Once installed, the Murphy Bed becomes a part of your home. You can enhance the design over time. Saint Louis Closet Co. offers a fully customizable Murphy Bed system that includes wardrobe units, bookshelves, and Home Offices. With these storage options, you can further transform the room by using it as a craft room, reading nook, or home office.  When you’re ready for guests, simply reveal the secret Murphy bed.

Make Organization Easy
Murphy beds help with the overall organization of a room, allowing you to reduce the clutter under the bed and on top of the mattress. Now you’ll have a place to store extra towels, pillows, and blankets for guests. This organizationally savvy idea is also convenient and easily accessible.

Useful for All Ages
Murphy beds are perfect for all ages. Think of grandparents who are downsizing and still want a bedroom for guests or grandchildren. Or an apartment owner who wants to maximize every inch of their space. Even children can benefit from one as it creates the space for more toys, games, and activities.

The Mattress is Included
Don’t forget the mattress that comes with our custom Murphy beds! It will be specifically designed to complement your bed. This is because its mechanisms can only withstand a particular thickness and weight. Available in queen- or twin-size, Murphy beds will also only take up 16” of floor space when closed.

History of the Murphy Bed
According to historians at the Smithsonian, the Murphy Bed was invented by a man who wanted to court an attractive opera singer. William Lawrence Murphy lived in a one-room San Francisco apartment. In his time, the late 1880s, it would not have been acceptable for Murphy to invite a woman into what was essentially his bedroom. So, he decided to turn his one-room place into a parlor. Eureka! The idea for the Murphy Bed was born. This invention allowed Murphy to host his intended, and the ruse worked; the charming young lady became his wife in 1900. William Murphy patented his invention in 1911.

The Murphy bed gained popularity by the 1920s, meeting a need for people moving into brownstones and row houses. They were so ubiquitous, in fact, that they became a staple of popular culture. Charlie Chaplin wrestled with one in a famous movie clip, and sitcoms featured the springy, slightly embarrassing piece of furniture. Throughout the twentieth century, they became associated with cramped urban apartments or the bachelor life.
Now, they’re being reimagined for the way we live today.

The Possibilities are Endless
With a Saint Louis Closet Co. wall bed, the possibilities for your home are endless. Starting with a modern Murphy Bed, you can take back the space in your home with new space and wall units and keep it organized, too! With a selection of twin and queen sized beds, your guest bedroom can become a functioning room for you and your guests. For more information, register for a free consultation, call us 314-781-9000, or visit our showroom in Maplewood.