Murphy Beds – Hosting Holiday Guests

Throughout the holidays, hosting family members can be stressful. Are you prepared for overnight guests? While providing an air mattress might get the job done, it’s not the best you can do. Take your guest room to the next level by investing in a Murphy bed! Not convinced? Here’s how they are the perfect addition to any home:

Murphy Beds Explained

Let’s begin with a trivia question. Who created a bed that allows for a room to act as both an office space and a bedroom? If you guessed William Lawrence Murphy, then you are correct! His beds fold up from the floor and drop back down to the ground without much effort. Created in the 1900s, they first gained popularity in small apartments and made their way into homes across the United States.

Spare Room to Guest Room

Occasionally, homeowners find themselves having to decide between having a spare room or a guest room. Why not choose both? Now available in smooth, stylish cabinets, Murphy beds can blend into multiple environments. That means you can have a home gym or personal library, while still providing a place for the parents to sleep when they visit.

Throwing Out the Sofa Bed

Most hosts will do whatever it takes to keep guests from sleeping on the couch. Some, however, resort to the dreaded sofa bed. Not only do they take up a large amount of space, but they are also uncomfortable and difficult to set up. Avoid pinching any fingers on an assortment of springs by simply pulling down a handle on a Murphy bed instead.

Shared Spaces

These beds are available in queen- or twin-size, so treat your guests to either a bed of their own or two separate ones. Think of it like a hotel, where everybody has different needs for their sleeping arrangements. Grandma and Grandpa couldn’t possibly sleep without one another while the cousins wouldn’t even dream about sharing a bed!

Customized Storage

Customized systems include plenty of shelving and storage space for blankets, pillows, and clothing. When you register for a free consultation, we will send a designer to your residence. They will hand-draw a design that best fits your space and provide you with a quote right on the spot.

Are you next in line to host the family for the holidays? Don’t miss out on the perfect excuse to take back your space and share it, too. Saint Louis Closet Co.’s Murphy beds even come with the mattress! Call us today at 314-781-9000 or stop by during our hours of operation to see the showroom.

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