Men Love Organization, Too!

Tie Butlers

Don’t forget Dad on Father’s Day this year!  Men love organization too!  Whether it’s a new tie rack or a slide-out rack for his slacks, Dad will love the thought of an organized closet. Check out some organization tips from Esquire magazine.

For suits: Suit jackets spend much of their lives in the closet. And the best way to maintain their structure and shape is with hangers that mimic the slope and width of your own shoulders. To prevent any wrinkling, hang your suits, shirts, and trousers with some room between them.

For shirts: Even your shirt needs solid support to reduce stress on the seams, and it won’t get that from those paltry white wire hangers you get from the dry cleaner. Invest in a handful of sturdy wooden hangers and you and your shirts will look much better much longer.

For pants: A good trouser hanger maintains a sharp crease and causes as few wrinkles as possible at the fold. A felt-lined clamp hanger, or a felt-lined trouser bar accomplishes both.


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