How to Organize Your Jewelry

Nicole Genovese

Storing and caring for your jewelry is a very big aspect of Saint Louis Closet Co. custom closets. Over 80% of our custom walk-in closets include jewelry systems, earring trays, necklace racks, and velvet-lined drawers.

With the holidays approaching and jewelry on many people’s wish lists, we thought it would be fun to talk with our good friend Nicole Genovese about her background and how to organize jewelry and accessorize!

About Nicole Genovese

First, let’s introduce Nicole Genovese, Sales and Marketing at Michael Genovese Jewelers!

Q: How did you get into the jewelry business?

A: “I worked in sales for many years and owned a retail business. When my husband, Joe, the President of Michael Genovese Jewelers, asked me to join the family business, it was a natural transition. Plus, how could I ever say no to diamonds?”

Q: What do you love the most about your job?

A: “Making people happy. Whether it is a young girl getting engaged or designing a custom piece for a special occasion, jewelry brings happiness to all ages! I am fortunate to be in an industry where customers are always happy with the outcome.”

Q: What’s your favorite: silver or gold?

A: “I like to mix and layer all metals. Back in my mom’s era, women thought they had to wear all of one type of metal at a time (i.e., all yellow gold, all white gold, all silver, etc.). Now the rules have changed! It is acceptable and fun to layer all sorts of metals together. I feel like style and fashion are very individualized. Honestly, anything goes. Be you!”

Q: In your experience, are diamonds really a girl’s best friend?

A: “Absolutely! I have never seen a woman upset about receiving bling. But dogs are a close second.”

How to Store Jewelry

Now let’s talk about how to store jewelry and keep jewelry organized.

Q: What is the best way to store different types of jewelry, like earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets?

A: “The easiest place to store jewelry if you have the space available is to designate a drawer or two in your closet or dresser. If possible, utilize drawers with built-in jewelry organizers or buy a couple of stackable organizers. With organizers, you can separate earrings, rings, necklaces, and more into different compartments to keep them safe and easily accessible.”

Q: What is the best way to keep necklaces from tangling?

A: “The best way to keep necklaces from tangling is to keep them in the original boxes. Many of my customers label the original jewelry boxes for easy access. Another option is necklace hooks in the closet.”

Q: Where is the best place to keep your jewelry: in your closet, your bedroom, a safe, or your bathroom?

A: “I always suggest the closet for jewelry storage because accessorizing is usually the final touch after a woman gets dressed. Besides, storage that is easily accessible makes getting ready simpler. The best way to store jewelry is a built-in jewelry drawer or a safe in your closet, but space constraints can be an issue. Another great option for jewelry storage is closet built-in jewelry drawers. Just make sure to add locks to drawers containing fine jewelry.”

How to Accessorize

It’s also essential to know how to accessorize with jewelry!

Q: Can you wear jewelry every day and with every outfit? Or, is it more of a dressy thing?

A: “I agree with Elizabeth Taylor: ‘Into every girl’s life, a little diamond should fall.’ In the past, people saved their fine jewelry for big events, which may only occur a couple of times per year. Since the pandemic, I have found that people want to get the most use out of their fine jewelry and wear them all the time and everywhere, from the grocery store, gym, dinner dates, and of course, to big events.”

Q: How do you recommend pairing jewelry with outfits?

A: “I think everyone should start with a few staple pieces that match anything. Think of diamond studs, a diamond tennis necklace, diamond hoops, and a fabulous engagement ring. Everything after the staples is up to each person to express their own style! That comes from within!”

Now you know where to buy jewelry! For more information about Michael Genovese Jewelers, located at 12460 Olive Boulevard in St. Louis, MO, give them a call at (314) 878-6203 or visit

Organize Your Jewelry With Saint Louis Closet Co.!

When it comes to having designated pieces to organize your jewelry, that’s where Saint Louis Closet Co. comes in!

  • Our Jewelry Inserts, lined with premium quality velvet, have an assortment of compartments with room for necklaces, bracelets, and rings.
  • With our Necklace Racks, you can also hang your jewelry for quick access and no tangling.
  • To protect valuable pieces, you can lock our 3-Tier Jewelry Tray Systems. Choose from two tray options; the jewelry tray for necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earring tray are both lined with premium quality velvet.

Are you ready to get started? Register for a FREE closet consultation, give us a call at (314) 781-9000, or stop by our showroom in Maplewood. We look forward to hearing from you!

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