How to Organize Your Garage

organize your garage

Garages often become a dumping ground for everything, whether it’s intentional or not. After all, there are so many tools, lawn equipment, outdoor toys, and more to be stored, and the garage is the most suitable place in your home.

With a little time and prep, you can make your garage functional and clutter-free. Follow our tips and see the difference garage storage solutions make for yourself!

Garage Clutter in the US

The CRAFTSMAN Take Back Your Garage survey gathered many statistics. Here’s what adults throughout the US had to say.

  • 90% believe a well-organized garage can make a small garage appear larger.
  • 62% feel their garage is the most cluttered space in their home.
  • 53% use their garage or at-home workshop for DIY projects.
  • 52% with garages are not satisfied with how their garage is organized.
  • 36% say their garage is so cluttered they cannot park vehicles inside.

At 80%, power tools and hand tools are the top items stored. 76% of those surveyed keep outdoor tools and equipment in their garage. 67% have many tools and say keeping them organized is a must.

The most common activities, in descending order, are automotive maintenance and home renovation projects, woodworking, leisure activities like socializing and hosting parties, and furniture restoration or redesign.

garage organization

Organize a Garage

Let’s turn that valuable space in your home into a desirable storage area.

Set Aside Time

If a little bit is organized every now and then, not much progress will be made. What you try to remove may make its way back in, and you’ll likely have to start from scratch each time your try to declutter.

Set aside a full day to organize the contents in your garage. The process starts by pulling everything out and cleaning the space, and then transitions to sorting the items and putting them back.

Have Supplies Ready

Before you’re ready to start, you’ll need the following.

  • Have helpers ready to assist with moving and organizing. It’ll be more fun to hang out with friends or family, and it’ll make the process go faster.
  • Own boxes, bins, or containers. Lots of people chose clear plastic storage containers for their visibility.
  • You’ll also need labels, as they’ll clearly indicate where you can find something and where it should be returned.

Organize Garage Clutter

Organizing is a chore you’ll be glad you did!

  1. Pull everything out and onto the driveway. Create zones for what should be kept, donated, recycled, or trashed.
  2. Clean all surfaces. To get rid of tough stains on the floor, you can scrub with hot water and a strong detergent. If there’s mold on the walls, you can wash them with a mild bleach solution.
  3. Go back to your keep pile and put like-items together. You might consider categories for your automobile, camping gear, gardening supplies, holiday decorations, home decor, kids’ toys, sports equipment, and tools.

Have Custom Storage Solutions Installed

A place to store all your organized belongings is essential. Make your vision of a clean garage a reality with these custom storage solutions.

  • Adjustable shelves can be made at any width or depth and moved up or down for complete flexibility.
  • Lockers with rotating hooks give each family member a space of their own to drop off their coats, shoes, backpacks, sports equipment, and more.
  • Heavy-duty cabinet feet enable your cabinets to sit above the floor, which is perfect for garages prone to flooding.

Talk With the Experts

Make garage clutter a thing of the past with Saint Louis Closet Co.! We design and manufacture custom, adjustable pieces in our 30,000 sq. ft. headquarters with state-of-the-art machinery that allows us to fully customize each product.

Our expert designers will answer your questions and help you create the garage you’ve always wanted. Give us a call at 314-781-9000 or register online for your FREE consultation!

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