How to Organize Your Accessories

Your clothes may have their perfect place, but what about your accessories? The last thing you want to do is hunt for a belt and tie for work, or jewelry and sunglasses for brunch with friends. With a couple of additions to your custom closet, we can make it easy for you to find everything you need to complete your outfit. Read more to learn all about accessories for your closet.

Our Most Functional Accessory – Pull-Out Belt & Tie Racks

Pull-out belt & tie racks are the perfect place to hang up belts and keep ties wrinkle-free. The sliding feature keeps items tucked out of sight yet easily within reach. Whether you have a small or large collection, there are organizational options for you. Hold 5 to 7 belts with the chrome belt rack, 12 to 16 ties with the chrome tie rack, and up to 44 ties with the wooden tie butler.

Our Most Luxurious Accessory – 3-Tier Jewelry System

Let’s make cluttered, tangled jewelry a thing of the past. We redefined the jewelry box with our custom jewelry tray system, lined with premium quality velvet and built directly into your closet. Install the 3-tier jewelry tray system to store necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. You can even keep your valuable pieces secure with an optional magnetic lock.

Our Most Popular Accessory – Telescoping Rods

Deciding on what to wear for the next day or for an upcoming trip? Sometimes a temporary hanging rod just makes sense. According to our customers, this is our most popular accessory at Saint Louis Closet Co.! The space-saving design of telescoping rods is helpful in both the closet and laundry room.

Our Favorite Accessory – Oversized Chrome Robe & Hat Hooks

For a place to store your long, heavy robe in the closet or bathroom, look no further. Oversized chrome robe hooks are sold individually to match the number of bathrobes you own. Easily attach it to your closet or wall at the most convenient place.

You don’t have to dig around in wicker baskets or dresser drawers for your hats and scarves anymore! Place them on hooks in your closet or mudroom for easier access. Individually sold hat hooks have a top hook long enough for coats or hats, and a bottom hook perfect for hanging up scarves, purses, or backpacks. 

Our FAVE Laundry Accessory – Small & Large Wardrobe Rails

Want to hang clothes as they come out of the dryer or have a place for extra hangers? A chrome wardrobe rail does the trick! Temporarily hold your garments on small wardrobe rails. To support your full garment bag, use large wardrobe rails made of heavy-duty chrome. The large version also swivels out of the way when not in use.

Our Latest and Greatest Accessory – Velvet-Lined Sunglass Trays

Sunglasses and reading glasses can be easily misplaced, but they don’t have to be! Velvet-lined sunglass trays hold up to 12 pairs each and fit inside a drawer. These keep all your stylish sunglasses and reading glasses organized. As you get ready to read a book or go out on the town, you only have to look in one designated place.

Call the Saint Louis Closet Co. and Create Space for Accessories!

Are you looking to renovate your closet or realize you want to create space for closet accessories? Saint Louis Closet Co.’s expert team of designers are here to help! We’ll look at the design of your closet and advise you on where our accessories can be best added. Then, either come by and pick up the accessory or we’ll deliver and install it for you at a small fee. Ready to get started? Give us a call at 314-781-9000.

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