How to Get Organized for Going Back to School

It’s August, which means back-to-school season is just around the corner! When we think of back-to-school season at Saint Louis Closet Co., we immediately wonder what we can do to help your kids both get organized and stay organized all year long.

We like to say that our homework assignment for this up-coming school year is setting your household up for success. Whether it’s your kid’s closets, homework stations, or lockers, we’re here to help you make sure your child has a successful school year.

Get Your Child’s Closet Organized

From a book lover, to one who loves accessories, we have the expertise to custom design a kids’ closet for all your child’s needs. Every closet is 100% adjustable and manufactured in house with only the best materials, so you know you’ll be investing in a high-quality closet that can adapt to your child’s needs as they grow older.  

Here at Saint Louis Closet Co., we don’t believe in wasted space. We’ll create a system that maximizes what you have available from the floor to the ceiling. Hanging space, adjustable shelving, pullout drawers, glass door fronts, slanted shoe shelves, and a tilt-out laundry hamper are just a few of the functions we offer that we can build into your child’s closet.

Gone are the days when you’re racing around trying to find one of your child’s belongings.  With a custom kids’ closet, everything will have its perfect place. Not only will a custom closet save you time from having to look for missing items, but it will also keep your child’s belongings in great condition for years to come.

Create a Custom Homework Station

Homework stations are important for any child’s development and success, because it gives them a dedicated, organized place to help them focus on the task at hand. An organized homework station also eliminates the risk of stress due to misplaced materials and homework assignments. For a younger student who may need some extra help, a homework station in a shared space might be best, while a teen or independent learner may want a more private space. Wherever the space, we can create a custom design that will perfectly fit your needs.

Cubbies, wire baskets, adjustable shelves, basket rimmed shelves, file drawers, and pull-out keyboard treys are just some of the ways we can create organizational systems within your homework station. Having a dedicated space to put belongings makes it much more likely that your child will use the space as intended—no more excuses for missing a homework assignment!

Save Time with a Custom Mudroom or Locker

While we can’t build your child’s school locker, we can create an organizational system for entering and leaving your home. Saint Louis Closet Co. custom lockers are a great solution for entry halls, mudrooms, kids’ rooms, and playrooms. When everyone has a designated spot for their things, it will save you time getting everyone out the door in the morning. Your child will never forget their backpack, jacket, or accessories again.

The mudroom acts as the staging area, the storage room, and sometimes the dumping ground for items that don’t otherwise have a place. That’s why it’s so important to create an organized system here. Our custom lockers can include closet accessories such as rotating locker hooks for all your backpacks, coats, and jackets, as well as benches, baskets, and adjustable shelving to keep all of your belongings tidy. Just like one of our custom closets, our custom lockers utilize every inch of space and give you and your kids a place to shed all your things from a long day. 

Schedule a Consultation with Saint Louis Closet Co.

Ready to help your child have the best school year possible? We’re here for all your back-to-school organizational needs! Give us a call today at (314)781-9000 or visit us at to book a free consultation.

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