Custom Home Offices

Make Working From Home Feel Like a Vacation with a Custom Home Office!

Your Home Office is so much more than a place to pay your bills. It is also a place to neatly organize your mail, paperwork, and computer needs – plus, a great place for your kids to do their homework.

With more people working from home than ever before, a customized office or workstation from Saint Louis Closet Co. is a great investment. Lateral and Legal file drawers offer storage space for important papers, bills, receipts and even photographs. Give everyone in the family their own drawer and schoolwork, artwork and special projects will stay neat and tidy.

We offer plenty of options you can utilize to customize your Home Office:

Working from Home
Many people are still working from home and are continuing to transition their place of comfort into a productive working environment. While there was a slight hesitation to invest in home offices early on, it’s now crucial to give yourself space to maintain a positive work-life balance.

If you think your home doesn’t have enough room for an office, think again! Here is how you can turn small spaces into a working office: These options and more will give you a Home Office that is as stylish as it is functional. A quiet workplace with plenty of space to complete your important tasks is worth it.

Select a Space
The first step in creating a Home Office is selecting the right space for you. Let’s say you get easily distracted when working next to a window – simply find a room in the house without one. The garage might just offer you the interruption-free work area you’ve been seeking. If your living room is currently a classroom for the kids, move on down to the basement. Depending on the layout of your home, there are many options to choose from and there is no wrong answer. Most commonly used spaces for Home Offices are the kitchen, mudroom, or a spare bedroom.

PRO TIP #1: Murphy beds are perfect for combining a bedroom with a Home Office. Simply lift up the bed when you’re ready for work and lower it back down when it’s time for bed.

Bring Your Own Lights
Small spaces are known for being dark or dimly lit so don’t forget to BYOL (bring your own lights!). You’ll want to be seen in Zoom meetings and you will need to be able to see what you’re working on. The screen can only be so bright before you regret using it as your only source of light. Think floor, desk, and overhead lamps to get started.

PRO TIP #2: String lights will add a touch of fun, while also brightening your space.

Create an Organizational Oasis
Now that you’ve chosen your cozy space and turned on the lights, it’s time to add a desk. You really only need a small table with a pull-out keyboard tray to properly house a computer. Add a fabric board to the wall, along with baskets and file drawers underneath the desk, to help you round out this little organizational oasis.

PRO TIP #3: Binder slots keep the most important files or notes out of your desk and in plain view for when you need to access them.

Personalize Your Workspace
The last step in creating a Home Office is to make it your own! While everyone may be able to see you through a video chat, you’re the only one that’s looking at what’s surrounding your screen. Don’t be afraid to slap a fresh coat of paint on the walls or install new shelving units that can hold treasured knickknacks or bobbleheads from your favorite team. The more you personalize a home office, the more you will enjoy working from home.

PRO TIP #4: Pinterest has a plethora of inspirational ideas to get you started. It’s easy to get lost but there’s so much to be found!

Commercial Office Desks
Saint Louis Closet Co. designs and installs units for commercial uses as well.  Mail Centers, Workstations, Corporate Meeting Rooms, Coffee Stations, Paper Storage, and Filing Systems are all just a few ways Saint Louis Closet Co. can improve your office space and really help streamline work!