7 Holiday Home Organization Tips

holiday home organization

The holiday season brings an awe-inspiring amount of joy to all those who participate in the festivities and traditions they follow. For Saint Louis Closet Co., that same feeling comes from organizing. Just like caroling, dancing, or crafting delicious foods, there’s nothing quite like getting the home organized before the holidays. That’s why we’re offering several tips for those who find the magnificent endeavor more of a chore. Here’s what you can do to get started:

Rotate Your Closet

Holidays may warm your heart, but the weather they bring is rather frosty. If you haven’t already made the switch from summer clothing to fall and winter gear, do it now. It’s okay to have a few pairs of shorts or t-shirts to wear around the house, but too many will take up precious space for sweaters, coats, and pants. Take things a step further by evaluating your closet while it’s empty. Adjustable shelves, drawers, and hanging rods will change the way you organize your most valuable possessions.

Utilize That New Home Office

Home offices have been more important now than ever, but they’re not just good for work. Customized workstations are perfect for keeping track of receipts, recipes, and anything else you might want to keep filed away. This is where most of your planning and research should take place over the holidays. A little desk might seem like it’s enough to get you started, but custom countertops, file drawers, and binder slots will really keep you organized.   

Label and Store Boxes for Decorations

If you don’t already have boxes labeled for each holiday (or at least one as “holidays”), we highly recommend it. This will not only decrease the amount of time you spend searching for decorations, but it will also keep you from losing them. The best spaces to store these boxes are the garage, basement, or even a utility closet. Think vertical storage options or raised locker cabinets to keep them off the ground and tucked away.

Create a Gift Wrapping Station

Shopping season has arrived and that means your gifts are almost ready to be wrapped tight with a bow. While you can pay extra for the job, it’s always more fun to do it yourself. But why sit on the floor when you can have an entire wrapping paper center customized just for you? Surfaces large enough for cutting from a chair will support your back while you reach for rolls of paper from trays and slanted shelves along with ribbons from baskets.

Maximize Pantry Space

What are the holidays without a home cooked meal? Before you stock up on the traditional supplies and ingredients, however, your pantry needs to be ready to store it all. Do you currently just have a few shelves lining the wall? Consider upgrading to an organizational system that comes with corner shelving and spice racks. Pull-out tray shelves, basket rim shelves, and baskets are also great for maximizing your pantry’s space.

Prepare the Guest Room

This year may not be the right year for hosting guests over the holidays, but there is always next year! Trust us when we say that Murphy beds are what they’ll want to sleep in when staying over for any occasion. These functioning beds are stored vertically or horizontally inside customized cabinets and can be pulled down at any time. That means you don’t have to sacrifice an entire room when guests are no longer around. You can even put one in your home office for when you need a quick power nap.

Give the Gift of Saint Louis Closet Co.

Saint Louis Closet Co. offers customized solutions for all organizational challenges one might be experiencing. If you know someone who wants to upgrade their space, but just can’t seem to pull the trigger – send them a gift certificate from Saint Louis Closet Co. Useful for custom closets, home offices, pantries, Murphy Beds, and more, our gift certificates can be purchased in any amount and will never expire!

Give us a call at 314-781-9000 to order yours today.

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