Healthy Living Through Healthy Organization


School is back in full swing, and parents and kids alike are finding themselves going at a million miles per minute.  It is hard enough getting your kids out of bed, ready and out the door in time for school and to get yourself to work without throwing healthy living into the mix.  I completely understand the stress, with owning four businesses between my husband and I and raising two children under the age of ten, it is just so easy to pick up fast food on the way home at the end of the day.

Teaching our children healthy eating habits is a daily struggle for parents everywhere, but a little bit of healthy planning can make a world of difference. You can buy the healthiest foods, but we all know that when your family is hungry, they do not want to take the time to cut up some veggies or fruit.  Basically, if it is not in a convenient package, your family is going to be less likely to take the time to get it ready.  Rather, you’ll grab the less healthy, but more accessible package of chips to suffice as your midday snack.

Something that I find is extremely time saving is when I get home from grocery shopping on Sundays, before I put the food in the fridge, I get out the cutting board, Ziploc bags and Gladware and start dividing up our food for the week.  I divide up everything from graham crackers and fruit salad to vegetables and chicken into serving sizes.  For example, I will take a big package of blueberries, wash and divide them into those mini snack Ziploc bags, making enough bags for each of my children for every day of the week.  That way, I can just grab the pre-made bag that is filled with washed and ready fruit, toss them in their lunchbox, and get them out the door.

Putting away your groceries is like organizing a closet: if you just throw your shoes on the floor of your closet saying, “I’m too busy right now, I’ll come back and organize it later,” the chances are extremely high that you will not do it.  This is how I approach my kitchen. Getting your pantry organized makes a huge difference in your life.  In fact, one of Saint Louis Closet Co.’s specialties, and most requested spaces to get organized, is the pantry.  Available accessories include everything from spice racks, cabinets, drawers and corner shelves to wine racks, sliding shelves and baskets. Having healthy food organized and at your family’s fingertips is extremely important when it comes to developing nutritional eating habits.

Getting healthy is as much about organization as it is about the purchase.  Planning and preparation at the beginning of the week will keep you on track for the rest of the week. It will also help your family stay on a healthy eating schedule as well as help to create good nutritional habits that your children can use for the rest of their lives.

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