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Closets for a Cause

Saint Louis Closet Co. Monthly Giveback Program

Jennifer Williams, owner and founder of Saint Louis Closet Co., and her team have been giving back to the St. Louis community since their opening in 1991. With such amazing support from the community, Jennifer and her team have never questioned giving back, which has been a critical part of her business since its opening.

Due to this pay-it-forward culture, Jennifer and her team decided to start a monthly program recognizing, supporting, and donating to a single charity. Hence, Closets for a Cause came to fruition. Each month a percentage of all sales will be donated back to the chosen charity. By collaborating with the non-profit organizations, Jennifer hopes to also raise awareness through blog posts, social media, and emails to her customers and inspire the wonderful and generous community of St. Louis.

Listen to Jennifer Williams talk about Closets for a Cause and giving back on the KTRS McGraw Show!

Charity of the Month, February 2021 – APA Adoption Center

The APA Adoption Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing people and pets together, advancing humane education, and creating programs beneficial to the human-animal bond. Founded in 1922 by Mrs. Ella Megginson, who made it her life’s work to stand up for animals in need of an advocate, the APA Adoption Center helps over 10,000 pets and 15,000 individuals each year.
The APA’s three main focus’ are adoption services, education, and wellness. The APA believes humane education can create a more compassionate community for people and pets alike and their wellness clinic and outreach programs help serve the community by keeping owned pets healthy and with their owners. The funds raised through this fundraiser will help countless pets who walk through their doors receive a second (or even third) chance at a forever home. 

The APA Adoption Center has a new program called Crisis Housing. This program is to bridge the housing gap during difficult times like COVID-19. They understand that due to COVID-19 there has been an increased risk for many people, and so they created a program to house and care for an individual’s pet(s) while they are misplaced, or moving into a new home after experiencing foreclosure and eviction.

“Despite the need to innovate and adapt through these trying times, we have been able to thrive – largely because of the belief in our mission from people like you and the help of companies like Saint Louis Closet Co. From curb-side adoptions, clinic care to pet food pantries, and social service collaborations, the APA has been busier than ever. Pets and the people who love them need more right now, and with the Saint Louis Closet Co.’s support, we can keep delivering on our promise to be there for them.

With the funds raised by Saint Louis Closet Co., we are able to help thousands of pets in need of second (and third) chances at new loving homes. As temperatures drop and more pets find themselves in need of a warm and safe place to land, and the second chance they deserve our doors will be open to help.

Thank you for making this possible.”
– Chelsea Erxleben, Development Assistant for Events

Help contribute to this wonderful organization by scheduling your free consultation with Saint Louis Closet Co. today!

Our Partners

Pedal the Cause – January 2021

Toys for Tots – December 2020

DEAF, Inc. – November 2020 

Mission: St. Louis – October 2020

Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition – September 2020 

KidSmart – August 2020

SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital – July 2020

National Council of Jewish Women St. Louis – June 2020

Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis – May 2020

Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis – March 2020

Stray Rescue – February 2020