Giving Back

Closets for a Cause

Saint Louis Closet Co. Monthly Giveback Program

Jennifer Williams, owner and founder of Saint Louis Closet Co., and her team have been giving back to the St. Louis community since their opening in 1991. With such amazing support from the community, Jennifer and her team have never questioned giving back, which has been a critical part of her business since its opening.

Due to this pay-it-forward culture, Jennifer and her team decided to start a monthly program recognizing, supporting, and donating to a single charity. Hence, Closets for a Cause came to fruition. Each month a percentage of all sales will be donated back to the chosen charity. By collaborating with the non-profit organizations, Jennifer hopes to also raise awareness through blog posts, social media, and emails to her customers and inspire the wonderful and generous community of St. Louis.

Listen to Jennifer Williams talk about Closets for a Cause and giving back on the KTRS McGraw Show!

Charity of the Month, June 2020 – Back to School!
Store by National Council of Jewish Women St. Louis

Founded in 1895, the National Council of Jewish Women St. Louis (NCJWSTL) is inspired by Jewish values to advance social and economic justice for all women, children, and families. NCJWSTL works through a program of community service, advocacy, philanthropy, and education to positively impact lives in our region.

The Back to School! Store is one of NCJWSTL’s longest-running community service projects. For over 20 years, The Back to School! Store has provided more than 20,000 underserved elementary-aged students with the tools they need to go to school with confidence the first day, and stay in school throughout the year.

This year, instead of the traditional one-day model, NCJWSTL has had to pivot and get creative in getting these much-needed supplies to children so that they can continue learning, be that in school, or at home. Funds raised will help NCJWSTL reach even more children than previous years with pre-filled backpacks that include school supplies, books, and activities that promote learning. This year’s Back to School! Store will reach 2,000 kids with personal delivery and pick-up coordinated with their 65 partner agencies and volunteers!

“The National Council of Jewish Women St. Louis Section (NCJWSTL) is thrilled to partner with Saint Louis Closet Co., another local organization dedicated to strengthening our community. Local partnerships like Closets for a Cause sustain NCJWSTL which has served the St. Louis community for 125 years through community service programs including Back to School! Store and Healing Hearts Bank, and by advocating for the state, local, and national policies that improve the lives of women, children, and families.”
–Jessa Glick, Director of Development & Marketing at NCJWSTL

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