Giving Back

Closets for a Cause

Saint Louis Closet Co. Monthly Giveback Program

Jennifer Williams, owner and founder of Saint Louis Closet Co., and her team have been giving back to the St. Louis community since their opening in 1991. With such amazing support from the community, Jennifer and her team have never questioned giving back, which has been a critical part of her business since its opening.

Due to this pay-it-forward culture, Jennifer and her team decided to start a monthly program recognizing, supporting, and donating to a single charity. Hence, Closets for a Cause came to fruition. Each month a percentage of all sales will be donated back to the chosen charity. By collaborating with the non-profit organizations, Jennifer hopes to also raise awareness through blog posts, social media, and emails to her customers and inspire the wonderful and generous community of St. Louis.

Listen to Jennifer Williams talk about Closets for a Cause and giving back on the KTRS McGraw Show!

Charity of the Month, September 2020 –
Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition

The Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition was founded in 1989 to solve a problem in St. Louis: finding a home for every child in foster care. Serving seven counties in the St. Louis Metro East Region, their vision is for a community that embraces its most vulnerable members and ensures that each child in foster care has an opportunity for a healthy, successful life by providing safe, nurturing homes and a support system for foster and adoptive families as they fulfill the physical, mental, and emotional needs of the children in their care.

Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition’s goal from the start of the pandemic has been to empower caregivers to use this as an opportunity for healing. If they can help make sure that caregivers are not struggling to survive, but rather feeling competent and supported and understanding how these circumstances might rekindle their child’s trauma, then they will be able to show children impacted by foster care that an adult can love and care for them through difficult times. For some kids, this has been the first time they have seen that.

This year, Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition served 1,200 additional foster, adoptive, and guardianship families so far through their Coalition CareLine. By redeploying their administrative, social enterprise, and development staff toward supporting families, they were able to proactively call hundreds of at-risk caregivers to make sure this pandemic is an opportunity for every one of their kids to heal from their trauma, not experience deeper hurt and uncertainty. They also engaged volunteers and donors to acquire and distribute 1,075 masks and 2,800 clothing items to foster, adoptive, and guardianship families to keep children and caregivers safe.

“In a time of uncertainty, it is comforting to know that we have the partnership of the Saint Louis Closet Co. This allows The Coalition to carry out the much-needed programs of keeping families together as we navigate these hard times.” -Natasha Leonard, Director of External Relations

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