Get Organized in Style with Saint Louis Closet Co.

CUSTOM-DESIGNED SPACES TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS While there may be countless “one-size-fits-all” organizational options available at retail stores, nothing can beat a closet system that is built to your space’s specifications with only your needs in mind.


The systems made by Saint Louis Closet Co. do not include any pre-made parts, sizes, or components, and they are completely adjustable, meaning your closet can change as your needs do. The company’s designers will meet with you, analyze your needs, measure, and design the perfect customized closet and organizational system for you.

A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING/ EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE Gone are the days of scarves and shoes strewn about your closet space or loosely contained in store-bought plastic bins. The beauty of custom-designed closet spaces is that there’s an attractive storage solution for all of your items. A list of seemingly endless custom options are available at Saint Louis Closet Co. to ensure your new closet system is both functional and beautiful, both space-saving and eye-catching.

Some of the customizable options available include pant racks, shoe shelves, glass door and drawer fronts, basket liners, jewelry drawers with divider inserts, belt and tie racks, and scarf racks. Many of these options can be added during the original installation or even years later. The systems are fully adjustable to change with your needs.

BEYOND THE CLOSET Don’t let the name fool you—Saint Louis Closet Co. is much more than custom closet systems; we also specialize in pantries, home offices, Murphy beds, laundry rooms, mudrooms, linen closets, coat closets, lockers, craft centers, garages, and more. Imagine the ease of cooking when your pantry contains neatly stocked spice racks, pull-out drawers, and basket-rim shelves. Or imagine how much more you’ll want to do that pile of laundry when everything is accessible, from fold-down ironing boards and tilt-out laundry hampers to telescoping rods and wardrobe rails for drying and ironing.

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