Custom Closets for Kids

“Clean Up Your Room!”

The most frequently used phrase in a parent’s day is “clean up your room.”

The most frequently used phrase in a kid’s day is “I don’t know where to put everything.”

Saint Louis Closet Co. designed a solution for this ongoing problem and has developed a Closets 4 Kids department. This department takes kids of all ages, along with all their stuff, and creates organized spaces for everything.

“Kids stuff is specific,” says Jennifer Q. Williams, President of Saint Louis Closet Co. “It requires special designs, accessories, and care. Babies clothes are very small, but their toys, books, and necessities are very large—such as diapers, blankets, floor mats and even diaper genie refills. Toddlers have toys, toys, toys! And don’t forget your teens with their sports equipment and the ‘cool clothes everyone else is wearing.'”

Due to the changing needs of kids and their stuff, Saint Louis Closet Co. designs, manufactures, and installs closet systems that are 100% adjustable. Specially designed accessories such as telescoping rods, baskets, and drawer dividers all help babies, toddlers, and teens “clean up their room.”

Full adjustability and safety are also a big part of the Closet 4 Kids department. Every Saint Louis Closet Co. system is “floor-based,” meaning the system actually sits on the floor—just like furniture. Because the weight of the closet is on the floor, there is no chance of the system falling or pulling away from the wall.

In addition to the safety aspect of a floor-based system, the adjustability is 100%! The vertical panels all rest on the floor, so the customer can have shelves on the bottom or the top. This adjustability also makes updating a child’s closet a breeze.

Saint Louis Closet Co. offers free in-home estimates and can help with all organizational projects in the home. Call (314) 781-9000 or visit

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